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Sale of: test and measurement, calibration, process control, telecommunications equipment and solutions from world-leading manufacturers.

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tel: +27 10 595 1821
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Ametek Power Supplies
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B&K Precision
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Bird Technologies
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DH Instruments
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Fluke Calibration
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Fluke Industrial Tools
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Franklin Electric
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Hart Scientific
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IET Labs
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Industrial Scientific
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KeyLog Recorders
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Microchip Technology (clock & timing)
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Pico Technology
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PJ Electronics
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Radian Research
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Reliable Power Meters
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Teledyne Lecroy
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Time Electronics
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Section - Industrial electronics & equipment
-Cameras (video)
- Industrial
- Electronic
-Thermal imagers
Section - Power supplies & batteries
- Alkaline
- Carbon zinc
-Secondary (rechargeable)
- Alkaline
- Lead-acid
- Lead-acid, sealed
-AC-DC converter
-DC-DC converter
-Multiple output
-Output range
- 0-5 V
- 5-50 V
- 50-500 V
- 500-5000 V
- 0-50 W
- 50-100 W
- 100-200 W
- 200 W+
- High current
- Crowbar
- Foldback current
- Fused
- Input surge
- Input-output isolation
- Output overvoltage
- Thermal cut-out
- Undervoltage lock-out
-Single output
-Battery analyser/tester
-Battery management system
-DC-AC static inverter
-Frequency converter
-Mains monitor/analyser
-Microprocessor power supervision
- 0-5 V
- 500-5000 V
- 50-500 V
- 5-50 V
-Output-enable switch
-Rack/cubicle use
-Remote metering
-Remote programming
-Remote sensing
-Voltage limiting
Section - Test & maintenance
-Auxiliary instruments
- AC/DC thermal transfer
- Bridges, precision
- Current comparators
- Current shunts
- Decade boxes - capacitance
- Decade boxes - inductance
- Decade boxes - resistance
- Frequency dividers
- Resistance transfer
- Standard frequency receivers
- Voltage dividers - inductive
- Voltage dividers - Kelvin-Varley
- Voltage dividers - resistive
-Calibration instruments/sources
- Current AC,DC
- Frequency, time
- Multifunction (Vdc,Vac,Idc,Iac,ohm)
- Optical fibre power
- Oscillators, precision
- Oscilloscope calibrators
- Phase
- Power, energy
- Reflectometer, RF
- Resistance
- RTD simulator
- Vibration transducer
- Voltage ( AC, DC)
- Capacitance
- Current AC/DC
- Frequency
- Impedance, air-line
- Inductance
- Mutual inductance
- Noise
- Resistance
- Temperature
- Thermocouple
- Time
- Voltage - Josephson array
- Voltage - Standard cell
- Voltage - Zener
-Attenuators, precision
-Cable fault analysers
-Chromatic spectrum analysers
-Light sources
- Fixed
- Tunable laser
-Loss test set
-Optical component test
-Optical spectrum analyser
-Optical time domain reflectometer
-Optical visual fault finder
-Polarisation analysers
-Polarisation controllers
-Power meters
-Pulse generators
-Reflector (back) variable
-Return loss monitors
-Sweepers (heterodyne)
-Switches, optical
-Wavelength meters
-Arbitrary waveform generators
-Audio analysers
-Cameras, oscilloscope
-Chart papers and requisites
-Data loggers/recorders
-Decade boxes
- R,L,C
-Delay lines
-FFT (dynamic signal analysers)
-Frequency counters/timers
-Frequency response analysers
-Frequency synthesisers
-Function generators
-IEEE-488 bus system
-Impedance/gain-phase analysers
-Logic analysers
- Analyser/emulator combo
- State
- Timing
-Meter shunts, multipliers
-Modal analysis systems
-Multimeters, bench
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise generators
- A+D
- Analogue
- Digitising
- Mixed signal
-Plotters, graphic
-Power meters (wattmeters)
-Power supplies, bench
-Pulse generators
-Q meters
-Recorders, waveform (oscillographs)
-Signal generators
- Audio
- Data (bit pattern)
- HF
- Pulse
- Sweep
-Spectrum analysers
-Test leads, probes
-Vibration analysers
- AC (Av, rms, pk)
- Broadband
- DC
- Selective
-Antenna test systems
-Carrier phase-noise analysers
-Connectors, precision
-Directional coupler/reflectometer
-EMI/RFI test systems
-Frequency counters, UHF/SHF
-Frequency synthesisers
-Measuring receivers
-Modulation analysers
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise figure meters
-Power meters
-Signal detectors
-Signal generators
-Signal sweep signals
-Spectrum analysers
-Time-domain reflectometers
-Antenna testers
-Cellular radio network analysers
-Communication test sets
-Digital broadcast stream analyser
-Digital microwave analysers
-Distortion meters/analysers
-Field strength meters
-Frequency counters RF,CW, burst
-IF-SHF spectrum analysers
-Modulation analysers
-Noise test systems
-Peak power analysers
-Power meters, RF
-Radio code analysers
-Signal generators/synthesizers
- AF
- Pulse
- RF
-Spectrum analysers/monitors
-Standard field generators
-Wave analysers
-Cabling testers
- Cable locator
- Cat 6/7
- Loading coil detector
- Pair fault location
- Structured cable certifiers
- Telephone test set (butt)
- Time domain reflectometer (copper)
- Tone testers
-Digital comms
- ABR (available bit rate) emulator
- Analogue datacom testers
- Codec analysers
- Digital communication analysers
- Error detectors
- Error rate measurement
- ISDN interface monitor
- ISDN system test/analysis
- Multichannel data generators
- PCM (pulse code modulation) testers
- Protocol analysers
- Pulse pattern generators
- Signal analyser/frame analyser
- Signalling test sets
- Transmission impairment measurement (TIMS)
- xDSL system testers
-LAN testers
- Breakout boxes
- Cable media analysers (see also fibre-optic testers)
- Combination spectrum, network, impedance
- Network operation analysers
-Transmission measurements
- Cable crosstalk test sets
- Distortion analysers
- Level meters
- Line simulators
- Noise loading test sets
- Selective level meters (wave analysers)
- Transmission measuring sets (TMS)
-AC power/source analyser
-Battery testers/analysers
-Board testers
-Burst generator
-Bus analysers
-Cable/harness testers
-Clamp meters
-Coil/winding testers
-Combo DSO + spec.an. + logger+signal generator
-Current clamps
-Dielectric withstand testers
-Earthing testers
-EMC testers
-Functional testers
-High potential testers
-Humidity/temperature meters
-Insulation testers (M ohm-meters)
-Lightning arrester testers
-Logic probes/pulsers
-Logic signature analysers
-Oscilloscope & DMM combinations
-Oscilloscopes, service
-Phase rotation testers
-Power factor meters
-Power oscillators (inc polyphase)
-Power supply monitors/analysers
-Pulse/pattern generators
-Radiation monitors/detectors
-Recorders, waveform
-Synchro/resolver simulators
-Test leads
-Test probes
- DMM (HV, HF, CT, Temp)
- ICs, PCB
-Transistor, thyristor, diode testers
-Vibration monitors
-Video test equipment
- Colour analysers
- Colour coders, decoders
- ITS generators
- Nicam testgear
- Pattern generators
- Vectorscopes
- Video generators
- Waveform monitors
-Waveform recorders
Section - Wireless systems & components
-Ancillary products & services
- Headsets
- Interfacing to telecoms
-Antenna systems
- Base station duplexers
-Point-to-point links
- Digital short-haul
- Frequency planning
- HF receivers
- HF transmitters
- VHF/UHF/SHF multiplex
- Wireless modules/systems (telemetry)
-Portable/mobile two-way radio
- Base Tx/Rx VHF/UHF
- Cellular radio
News from Comtest:
Upgrade brings extra layer of detection to Fluke’s acoustic imagers
29 February 2024, Test & Measurement, Comtest

The firmware 5.0 update helps to boost efficiency and allows maintenance technicians to scan large areas quickly, and visually pinpoint technical issues before they become critical.

Laser shaft alignment tool
22 November 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

The Fluke 831 lets technicians and engineers easily verify shaft alignment, with an intuitive guided user interface that enables quick and complete shaft alignment without advanced training or complicated programs.

Trace electric cables in structures
27 September 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

Fluke has launched two new wire tracers that simplify the process of tracing and troubleshooting of energised and de-energised wires.

65 GHz 12-bit oscilloscope platform
27 September 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

Teledyne LeCroy has announced the launch of its new WaveMaster 8000HD high-bandwidth, high-definition oscilloscope platform with models from 20 to 65 GHz of bandwidth.

High-performance multi-product calibrator
26 July 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

Ideal for 6,5-digit resolution DMMs, Fluke Calibration’s 5560A multi-product calibrator enables laboratories to increase accuracy, while reducing costs and equipment space.

Advanced cable tester for high-speed USB Type-C and HDMI 2.1
28 June 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

Teledyne LeCroy has announced the development of an automated advanced cable tester that meets the demanding production test requirements of USB Type-C, HDMI 2.1 and other cables with transfer rates up to 48 Gb/s.

Troubleshooting with Fluke
Second Quarter 2023, Other technologies, Comtest

Few things are as disposable as paper towels. But the next time you nonchalantly toss one away, keep in mind that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Paper towels are manufactured through a finely ...

Solar power market set for 2023 upswing
31 May 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

With the solar power sector expected to rise sharply throughout 2023, installation and testing engineers will need access to specific tools and instruments to work at optimum efficiency and safety.

Solar multifunction tool kit for professionals
26 April 2023, Test & Measurement, Comtest

Fluke’s SMFT-1000 Solar Tools Pro kit offers a comprehensive PV solution, enabling streamlined PV safety and quality inspections with Fluke TruTest Solar Software integration.

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