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MyKay Tronics

27 Newquay Road, New Redruth, Alberton

+27 11 869 0049
+27 83 227 3524

Sale of: electronics production equipment, including pick-and-place equipment, IC programming equipment, antistatic, reflow ovens and rework equipment, solder products, optical inspection, component counters, crop and form, selective wave solder, AOI. PCB cleaning chemicals, conformal coating equipment, loaders and unloaders, conveyors.

Rodger, Dean
Rodger, Timothy
Service manager
Wagner, Lisa
Aqueous Technologies
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Asscon Vapour Phase Technology
(Sole Agency)
Axxon Automation
(Sole Agency)
B.P. Microsystems
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
BTU Ovens
(Sole Agency)
Charles Water
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
EMS wave soldering
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency)
LPMS International
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Multicore (Henkel)
(Sole Agency)
Mydata Automation (Mycronic)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Pillarhouse International
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Protektive Pak
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Shenzhen Zhengshi Automation Equipment
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Statguard Flooring
(Sole Agency)
Suit In
(Sole Agency)
Vanstron Automation
(Sole Agency)
Vi Technology
(Sole Agency)
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Section - Electronic design automation
-Electronic product development service
-Hardware modelling
- Integrated circuits
Section - Production services & equipment
-Assembly line furniture
- Carousels
- Conveyors, production line
- Magazine loaders/unloaders
- Static protection - anti-static liquid
- Static protection - clothing
- Static protection - floor treatments
- Static protection - flooring/mats
- Static protection - heel grounders
- Static protection - ionisers
- Static protection - warning signs/labels
- Static protection - work surfaces
- Static protection - wrist bands
-Board loading
- Assembly jigs & fixtures
- Assembly station magnifying viewers
- Automatic small parts feeders
- Lead cropping & clinching
- SMD placement machines - automatic entry-level
- SMD placement machines - high volume
- SMD placement machines - manual/semi-automatic
- SMD placement machines - medium volume
-Board preparation
- Manual adhesive dispensers
- Manual cream dispensers
- Screen printing frames
- Screen printing machines
-Cleaning machines
- Aqueous
- In-line
- Solvent
- Squeegee blades
- Ultrasonic
- Ultrasonic/option
-Component preparation
- Component counters
- Lead cutting & trimming
- Lead forming & bending
- Tape & reel equipment
- Conformal coating/curing
-Identification systems
- Alphanumeric labelling
- Bar code labelling
-Reflow soldering
- Hot air/gas convection
- Hot plate conjunction
- Infrared
-Solder fume extractors
-Soldering/rework stations
- Foaming fluxers
- Solder mask dispensing
- Solder pots, baths
- Soldering machines - multiple jet
- Soldering machines - wave
- board carriers, racks
- Component carrier trays
- Packaging for shipping
- Protective packaging - clean room packaging
- Protective packaging - conductive bags
- Protective packaging - conductive foam
- Protective packaging - desiccant bags
- Protective packaging - dissipative bags/tubing
- Protective packaging - dissipative foam
- Protective packaging - humidity indicator cards
- Protective packaging - static shielding bags
- Sorting & storage bins
- Tote boxes, pans, trays
-Test equipment
- Ground check testers
- Static locators
- Surface resistivity meters
- Reference books
- Soldering, reworking
-Cable termination/connection
- Cable & wire strippers
- Desoldering irons & bits
- Flux dispensers
- Hot air desoldering tools
- Hot air soldering tools
- Solder dispensers
- Solder fume extraction
- Soldering bit cleaners
- Soldering iron holders
- Soldering stations
-Specialised tools for electronics
- Inspection mirrors, endoscopes
- Pliers - bent nosed
- Pliers - flat, long nosed
- Pliers - round nosed
- Side cutters
-Inspection & testing - automatic optical video
-Inspection & testing - electrical testing
-Inspection & testing - visual inspection
-Cleaning agents
- Alcohol based
- Aqueous
- Saponifiers
- Semi-aqueous
- Solvents
- Solvents, non-CFC
- Antistatic
- Conformal
-Drill bits
-Flux solvents
- No-clean
- RA, RMA, rosin, synthetic
- Water soluble
-Insulating materials , tapes
-Screen printing
- Squeegees
- Stencils
-Screening materials
- High conductivity
- Liquid (spray-on)
-Solder masking agents
- Wet/dry
-Solder masks, temporary
- Peelable materials
- Water soluble
-Solder paste
- Aqueous
- No-clean
- Rosin-based
- Water-soluble
-Soldering materials
- Bulk solder sticks, bars
- Resin cored wire
-PCB inspection
- Optical magnifiers
- X-ray imaging
-PCB testing
- Sprung test probes
-Static protection testing
Section - Test & maintenance
- Anti-static coating
- Cleaning, degreasing
- Contact cleaning/lubricating
- Fux removal
-Desoldering braid
-Pads and swabs
-IC testers (in/out of circuit)
News from MyKay Tronics:
Ionic contamination tester
30 March 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

The Zero Ion ionic contamination tester from Aqueous Technologies measures harmful ionic residues on circuit assemblies, including those unseen by the human eye. The new IPC J-STD001H standard now requires ...

High-volume vacuum reflow oven
EMP 2022 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

The Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven made by BTU has been designed with the requirements of large EMS/high-volume automotive customers in mind. The unit is configured with 10 zones of closed-loop convection ...

Reasons to clean circuit assemblies even when using no-clean flux
EMP 2022 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

If reliability is vital in your application, consider removing all residue species from the assembly to eliminate any opportunity for ECM-related failures, regardless of the flux type used.

Inline PCB laser marking machine
27 October 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

The S460 series is an inline laser marking machine specifically designed to laser mark printed circuit boards (PCBs) with high positional accuracy and repeatability. It is capable of handling large-format, ...

Automatic in-circuit PCB tester
27 October 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

The T300 is an automatic, high parallelism in-circuit test system with advanced testing capabilities that its manufacturer, SPEA, claims can boost board production throughput by 10 times. It features ...

Soldering iron employs tip-heater cartridge
28 July 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

The TD-100A from PACE Worldwide is an ergonomic soldering iron that maintains the comfort and feel of the original TD-100 handpiece, yet contains many enhancements. The TD-100A’s Cool Touch design features ...

Updated AOI software with enhanced 3D capabilities
28 July 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

Users of AOI and SPI systems from Goepel electronic can look forward to a software update. With the rollout, the system software Pilot AOI version 6.5 will receive numerous small and large improvements ...

High-capacity component storage tower
28 July 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

Mycronic’s near-production MYTower component storage system has been made more versatile thanks to an innovative inventory system – a new range of high-end models that nearly doubles the capacity of previous ...

Component counters on sale until end of June
23 June 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, MyKay Tronics

Scienscope, a leading American supplier of cabinet style micro-focus X-ray systems, announced a new promotional sale valid until 30 June 2021, on two of its component management systems: the AXC- 800 ...

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