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Osiris Technical Systems

24 Herbert Baker Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria

+27 86 167 4747
+27 86 503 2095
+27 83 378 1552

Sale of: RFID readers, antennas and tags; rugged computing including industrial PCs, tablet PCs, laptops, notebooks and PDAs, industrial keyboards; barcode computers and other barcode scanners; data acquisition and measurement equipment and software; DSP software; custom software and equipment sourcing; analog SPICE simulation; embedded CPUs, SBCs, DIN-Rail PC, compact PCI, flash disk.

Installer of: RFID systems; integrated systems; barcode solution data acquisition systems.

System integrator of: RFID and realtime location systems; asset management systems; data acquisition systems; industrial computer systems; rugged PDA and tablet PC solutions; mobile barcoding; fixed and wireless barcoding; in-vehicle measurement systems; info kiosks; military computer systems; small process control systems, specialist acquisition systems.

du Plessis, Stef
Managing Director
du Plessis, Trudie
General Manager
du Plessis, Charl
Mogano, Tiego
Technical Support
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Adlink Technology
(System Integrator)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Allegro Rugged PDA
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Archer Rugged PDA
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Barco Antennas RFID
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Cipher Lab
(Sub Agency)
Clark Smart Pallets
(Sub Agency)
Convergence RFID
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sub Agency)
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
(Shared Agency)
(Sub Agency)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Garz & Fricke Industrial
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
Impinj RFID
(Shared Agency, System Integrator)
Invengo RFID
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency)
Juniper Systems
(Sole Agency)
Measurement Computing
(Sole Agency)
Mesa Rugged Notepad
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Metal Craft RFID
(Sole Agency)
(Sub Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Nagasaki Industrial PC
(Shared Agency, System Integrator)
(Shared Agency)
Opticon Barcoding
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Panmobil RFID
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
(Sub Agency)
(Sub Agency)
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
Sirit RFID
(Shared Agency, System Integrator)
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
(Sole Agency)
Tertium RFID
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency, System Integrator)
Tracient RFID
(Sole Agency)
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
Vizinex RFID (Previously RCD)
(Sole Agency)
Zebra Technologies
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
Section - Components
- Board-to-board stacking
- Milspec
- Surface mount
-Special applications
- Automotive
- Harsh environment
- Vehicle
-Bus Controllers/Interfaces
- ADCs
- DACs
- Multichannel
-Key action available
- Mechanical contact
-Keyboard options
- backlit legends
- joystick incorporated
- trackerball incorporated
- Customised
- Flat panel
- Rackmount
- Sealed
- EMI shielded
- Handheld terminals
- Harsh environment
- Illuminated
- Membrane
- Outdoor (weatherproof)
- Standard
- Vandalproof
-Features available
- A-D conversion
- Counter(s)
- Display drivers (LCD, LED, VFT)
- Embeddable device
-I/O features
- Analog
- Digital
- External bus
- High speed digital
- Parallel
- Serial
- 4-bit bus width
- 8-bit bus width
- 12/14/16-bit bus width
- 12-bit bus width
- 16/8-bit bus width
- 16-bit bus width
- 32-bit bus width
- 64-bit bus width
-Processor types
- Digital signal processors
- Evaluation boards
- Integrated development environment (IDE)
-Terminal blocks - DIN railmount system
- Interface, modules
- Terminal blocks
-Terminal blocks
- Panel mount blocks
Section - Computing technology
-Bus configurations
- CompactPCI
- Future I/O
- IEEE 1394
- IEEE-488
- Peripheral
- VESA (VL) local
- VMEbus
-Computer systems
- Custom design
- Embeddable PC, PC/104
- Industrial, ruggedised
- Mini, Supermini
- Notebook, laptop, pen
- Parallel/multiprocessing
- PCMCIA P&P sockets
- Single chip PCs
- Workstations (non-PC)
- Data storage - magnetic - hard disc drives
- Data storage - magnetic - magneto-optical (MO) drives
- Data storage - magnetic - RAID
- Data storage - optical - CD-ROM drive
- Data storage - optical - mass storage systems
- Plotter - thermal transfer
- Pointer devices - mouse units
- Pointer devices - touchscreen
- Pointer devices - trackerball
- Printer - colour
- Printer - dot-matrix
- Printer - inkjet
- Printer - laser
- Printer - thermal
- Screen - flat panel
- Screen - monitor units
-Smartcard and magstripe acceptors
- Hybrids
- Manual insert
- R/W magstripe
-Systems boards, cards
- A/D, D/A converter
- Accelerator
- Counter timer
- Data acquisition
- Data communication
- Digital signal processing
- Disk controllers
- Frame grabbers
- Graphics
- I/O digital, analog
- IEEE-488,2
- Image processing
- Interfaces, synch/asynch
- Keyboard interface
- Laptop A/D
- Memory
- Multimedia
- Pattern recognition
- PC instruments
- PCMCIA plug & play
- Printer controller
- Relay
- Signal conditioning
- Single board computers
- Solid-state disks
-Data acquisition
-Digital signal processing
-Image processing
-Instrument control
-Neural network analysis
-Noise vibration analysis
-Numerical mathematics
-Operating systems
- Android
- Linux
- Realtime
- Windows
-PLC programming
-Process control
-Protocol analysis
-Remote control
-Scada systems
-Signal analysis
-Signal processing
-Simulation software
-Symbolic mathematics
-Technical word processing
-Virtual instrumentation
Section - Electronic design automation
- Digital timing
- Reliability
- Signal
- Statistical
- Transient
-Circuit/system design
- Analog circuitry
- Digital filters
- Microwave circuitry
- SOC IP cores - DSP
- SOC IP cores - filters
-Circuit/system simulation
- Analog
- Digital
- Microwave
- Mixed mode
-Education/entry level
- EDA/CAD shareware
- Educational discounts
-Hardware modelling
- SPICE models
- Symbol libraries
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
- Card cages
- Computer
- Computer screen/display
- Industrial environments
- Portable
- Transport/transit
-Enclosure hardware
- Backplanes
- Keyboard trays
- Vibration, shock mounts
Section - Industrial electronics & equipment
-Bar code markers/readers
-Cameras (video)
- Industrial
-CAN control systems
-Controllers, embeddable
- Tracker ball
- Electronic
- Acceleration
- Angular displacement
- Current
- Humidity
- Linear displacement
- Linear velocity
- Pressure
- Strain
- Temperature
- Tilt
- Vibration
-Signal conditioning
-Thermal imagers
Section - Production services & equipment
Section - Test & maintenance
-Arbitrary waveform generators
-Audio analysers
-Data loggers/recorders
-FFT (dynamic signal analysers)
-Frequency counters/timers
-Frequency response analysers
-IEEE-488 bus system
-Modal analysis systems
-PC plug-in virtual instruments
-Recorders, waveform (oscillographs)
-Vibration analysers
-Spectrum analysers/monitors
-Wave analysers
-Recorders, waveform
-Vibration monitors
-Waveform recorders
Section - Wireless systems & components
- Interfacing to computers
- Interfacing to telecoms
- Mobile data modems
-Point-to-point links
- Geographic positioning (GPS)
- Wireless modules/systems (telemetry)
-3G modules
-Global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
-GSM modules
-Wireless transceiver modules
News from Osiris Technical Systems:
Ethernet DAQ in module and board formats
29 April 2015, Test & Measurement, Osiris Technical Systems

Measurement Computing announced the release of the E-1608, an Ethernet-based multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) device also available in an OEM board-only version. Featuring 250 kSps sampling and ...

Wireless temperature DAQ
26 June 2013, Test & Measurement, Osiris Technical Systems

Measurement Computing’s new WiFi-501 temperature data logging sensor measures the temperature of its environment while transmitting data wirelessly via 802.11b compliant Wi-Fi to a PC, where it is viewed ...

PCI/104-Express SBC
28 September 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology, Osiris Technical Systems

With a new PCI/104-Express single board computer (SBC), Kontron expands its PC/104 portfolio with an energy-efficient platform for demanding environmental conditions. Based on the single- and dual-core ...

M2M developer kit
3 August 2011, Design Automation, Osiris Technical Systems

Kontron introduced its new machine-to-machine (M2M) Smart Services Developer Kit with a deployable Intel Atom processor-based system. The kit is designed to meet customer needs for accelerated M2M connected ...

Embedded box PCs
6 July 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology, Osiris Technical Systems

Kontron has announced two new robust and fanless embedded box PCs which feature a range of industrial interfaces. The CB511, which has been developed to operate in especially tough environmental conditions, ...

Embedded motherboards
25 May 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology, Osiris Technical Systems

Kontron débuted two new embedded motherboards built on the second generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors – the Flex-ATX embedded motherboard KTQ67/Flex and the Mini-ITX embedded motherboard KTQM67/mITX. ...

Embedded interfaces exploit FPGA flexibility
16 March 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology, Osiris Technical Systems

Kontron recently introduced two interface innovations consisting of FPGA-programmable I/Os and a uniform middleware for I/O access to hardware resources and I/Os. Both innovations aim to alleviate and ...

Kontron develops embedded API
2 March 2011, Computer/Embedded Technology, Osiris Technical Systems

With the launch of its Embedded Application Programming Interface (EAPI), Kontron has standardised the access and control of hardware resources for embedded applications. Application developers can benefit ...

ETXexpress board supports COM Express 2.0
24 November 2010, Computer/Embedded Technology, Osiris Technical Systems

Coinciding with the launch of the COM Express 2.0 specification by the PCI Industrial Manufacturers’ Group (PICMG), Kontron has introduced an additional version of the computer-on-module ETXexpress-AI ...

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