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Mutronics Components

Unit 15, 2 Philo Road, Marlboro Ext. 1, Sandton

+27 11 262 4169

News from Mutronics Components:
Broadband relays deliver signal integrity to 10 Gbps
17 October 2007, Switches, Relays & Keypads, Mutronics Components

Teledyne Relays has announced that improvements to its Series GRF300 and GRF303 high-repeatability, broadband TO-5 electromechanical relays now deliver 10 Gbps data rates for digital signal integrity ...

Optical sensor solutions and specialty LEDs showcased at Sensor + Test 2005
29 June 2005, News, Mutronics Components

PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive array of specialty sensor solutions for the automotive, safety and security, specialised LED and home automation markets. Additionally, its thermopile sensors and pyroelectric ...

High-density ASIC for 30 V interfaces
4 May 2005, Programmable Logic, Mutronics Components

Epson has developed an ASIC series that is compatible with 30 V interfaces. The S1K70000H series of 0,18 µm ASIC chips use miniaturised process technology. Because the latest electronic devices use lower-voltage ...

Relays enter fifteenth year of continuous testing without single failure
6 April 2005, News, Mutronics Components

According to Teledyne Relays two types of its solid-state relays that are used in the military and aerospace industries have entered their fifteenth year of continuous testing, each achieving more than ...

'Wireless mesh' networks in wine country
9 February 2005, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Mutronics Components

Ref: z2801164m    Wireless mesh networked sensors have invaded the wine country of Northern California, USA. Pickberry Vineyards, a 30-acre premium grape grower, is a family-run business in the Sonoma Valley. ...

Free short-range low-power wireless radio design assistant tool
20 October 2004, Cyber Security, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Mutronics Components

Tired of reading datasheets, application notes or other long documents to help you design in an RF transceiver, receiver, transmitter or module into your application? Look no further, because RF Monolithics...

Effective energy management with low-power RF transceivers
20 October 2004, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Mutronics Components

The massive power outages last year in the US and Canada, the energy crisis in California, and the rising energy costs worldwide have further underscored the urgent need for more effective monitoring, ...

I²C-bus interface RTC includes 32 kHz crystal
8 September 2004, Electronics Technology, Mutronics Components

With the needs of today's smaller mobile equipment in mind, Epson developed an ultra-compact and thin RTC (realtime clock) module. The RX-8025SA/NB is an I²C-bus interface-compliant realtime clock, which ...

Electronics & communications technology news:
Google announces Africa developer scholarship
26 April 2022, News

Google has announced an additional 30 000 Android and Google Cloud training scholarships for aspiring and professional developers

EBV Elektronik wins top distributor award
26 April 2022, News, EBV Electrolink

EBV Elektronik has been recognised by onsemi as its top distribution partner in the EMEA region during 2021.

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