Electronics Buyers' Guide (EBG) - Directory of the South African Electronics Industry
Vepac Electronics

1 - 7 Electron Street, cnr Galaxy Street, Linbro Business Park, Marlboro, Sandton

+27 11 454 8053
+27 11 608 1661
+27 81 241 6709

Iso Certification ISO 9001:2008

Sale of: AC/DC, DC/DC, DIN-rail, programmable power supplies, high voltage power supplies, DIN-rail UPS, photoelectric sensors, electrical enclosures and cabinets, subracks, monitoring relays, timers, absolute incremental encoders, oscilloscopes, PCB cleaning solvents, conformal coatings, thermal pastes, limit switches, spectrum analysers, flash memory, soft starters, switches, connectors, plugs and sockets, soldering and rework stations.

Manufacture of: power supplies, programmable power supplies, thermal pastes, contact grease, encoders, enclosures.

Installer of: programmable power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, photoelectric sensors, safety light curtains, absolute incremental encoders, industrial flash memory, area sensors, electrical enclosures, soldering stations, de-soldering stations.

System integrator of: Panasonic electric works, SunX sensors, Wachendorff encoders, Anderson power products, Tele Haase monitoring relays, xppower supplies, Volktek Ethernet switches, Panasonic programmable logic controllers, Innodisk flash memory, Tele Haase monitoring relays, Fibox enclosures, Regatron power supplies.

Bastian, Barry
Sales Engineer
Brown, Edwin
Howson, Brian
Sales Manager
Pells, Kathleen
Anderson Power Products
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
Carling Technologies
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
Crane Avionics
(Sole Agency)
Crane Interpoint
(Sole Agency)
D+C Airparts
(Sole Agency)
Delta Elektronika
(Sole Agency)
DGH Corporation
(Sole Agency)
EA-Elektro Automatik
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Emcom High Voltage
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
Fibox Enclosures
(Sole Agency)
(Sub Agency)
Fluke Networks
(Shared Agency)
Fluke Thermal Imagers
(Sub Agency)
GW Instek
(Sub Agency)
Hahn Transformers
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Hartmann Codier
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
HDD Technologies
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
ITT Cannon
(Shared Agency)
Keithley Instruments
(Sub Agency)
Kemtron EMI/RFI Shielding
(Sole Agency)
Mean Well
(Sub Agency)
MINMAX Technology
(Sole Agency)
(Sub Agency)
MTM Power
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
OPUS Rugged Displays
(Sole Agency)
Panasonic Electric Works
(Shared Agency)
Panasonic HMI
(Sole Agency)
Panasonic Limit Switches
(Sole Agency)
Panasonic PLC
(Sole Agency)
Panasonic Safety Light Curtains
(Sole Agency)
Panasonic Sunx Sensors
(Shared Agency)
Panasonic Timers & Counters
(Sole Agency)
Perlos OS
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sub Agency)
Tele Haase
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Valukumpu OY
(Sole Agency)
Vero Power
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
(Sole Agency)
XP Comdel RF Power
(Sole Agency)
XP Glassman High Voltage
(Sole Agency)
XP Power
(Sole Agency)
Section - Components
- Board-to-board stacking
- Elastomeric
- High density (<2 mm)
- High speed data
- Metric spacing
- Milspec
- One piece
- Surface mount
- Two piece
- High density (<2 mm)
- IDC discrete wire
- Mass terminated (IDC) ribbon
- Milspec
- Receptacles and headers
- Surface mount
-Cable-to-cable/panel - Circular
- audio, video
- hybrid (mixed contact)
- milspec
- modular insert
- power
- professional
-Cable-to-cable/panel - D-Subminiature
- accessories
- high density
- microminiature
- standard
-Cable-to-cable/panel - rectangular
- high density
- hybrid (mixed contact)
- low power, I/O
- milspec
- power
-Coaxial cable connectors
- Between series adapters
- BNC/TNC Series
- C Series
- Milspec
- Miniature (semi-rigid)
- N Series
- SHV (safe HV) Series
- SMA/SMB/SMC Series
- Std/miniature UHF
- Twinaxial
-Connector support
- Cable assembly service
- Cable preparation tooling
- Termination tooling
-Special applications
- Automotive
- Avionics
- EMI-filtered
- Harsh environment
- High current
- High temperature
- High voltage
- Shielded
- Thermocouple
-Transmitter (E-O) modules
- instrumentation, sensor
- laser
-EMI/RFI suppression filters
- power line
- signal line
-Filters, passive
- HF suppressor chokes
- High frequency (RF,IF,etc)
- Power filter chokes
-Transformers - power
- Mains input
- Switchmode (DC-DC)
- IBM-type
- Rackmount
-Electron tube devices
- Klystrons
- Magnetrons
- TWTs
-Battery holders
-Beryllium copper
-Busbar systems
-Control knobs
-Dials, pointers
-Experimental/prototyping boards
-Feet, enclosure
-Fuse block, holders
-Power entry modules
-Screws and fasteners
-Stand-offs, spacers
-Thermal management components
- heat dissipator fins
- IC-mount fans
- thermal mounting pads
-Cathode-ray tubes
- industrial
- instrumentation
- radar
-Display screens
- LCD - colour
- LCD - monochrome
- LCD - prototyping kits
- LED/OLED displays
-Flat panel computer screens
-Image sensors/arrays
- LED types
- argon
- CO2
- He-Ne
- medical
-Optical system components
- light pipes
-Solid-state lighting
- discrete LED/OLED
- luminaires and light engines
-Touch screens
-Integrated circuit sockets
-Plugs and jacks
- Jumpers, PCB
- Pin headers and sockets
- Plug and jack sets - modular interconnection
- Plug and patch cords
- Power plugs and receptacles
- Test clips
- Test plugs and jacks
- Thermocouple plugs and jacks
-Sockets and adapters
- Battery sockets/connectors
- Relay
-DC-DC converters (IC)
-Overcurrent circuit breakers
- Electro-magnetic
- Fusible resistor
- Thermo-magnetic
-Protection relays
- Over/under-frequency
- Over/undervoltage
- Phase-balance
- Phase-sequence
- Automotive
- Current sensing
- Flasher
- General purpose, control
- Heavy duty/power switching
- High frequency/coaxial
- High voltage
- Latching
- Low profile
- Miniature
- Multipole
- PCB mounting
- Plug-in
- Polarised
- Rail-mount modules
- Safety spring set
- Sealed/encapsulated
- Small signal
- Subminiature
- Surface mounting
- Time delay/control
- TO-5 can
- Vacuum/gas-filled
- Voltage sensing
- General purpose
- I/O switching
- Intelligent
-Micro, snap-action
-Pushbutton control
- Illuminated
- Interlocked
- Miniature
- Momentary
-Rocker (lit/unlit)
-Rotary on-off
-Rotary selector
- Cam
-Terminal blocks - DIN railmount system
- Interface, modules
- Terminal blocks
-Terminal blocks - Moulded terminal steps
- Panel mounting
- PCB mounting
-Terminal blocks
- Panel mount blocks
- PCB-fixed blocks
- PCB-pluggable blocks & receptacles
- Screwed clamp
- Screwless spring cage
- Tab connector blocks (panel, PCB)
- Busbar system
- PCB pins, turrets
- Press-fit
Section - Computing technology
-Computer systems
- Industrial, ruggedised
-Instrument control
-Networking analysis
- Design
- Management
- Monitoring/analysis
- Operating systems
- Troubleshooting
-Noise vibration analysis
-PLC programming
-Process control
-Programming languages
-Protocol conversion
-Scada systems
-Signal processing
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-19" racking
-19" subrack systems
-Box enclosures
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Portable
- Screw-down
- Wall-mounted
- Free standing
- Wall-mounted
- 19" system
- Benchtop
- Card cages
- Computer
- Computer screen/display
- Handheld computer
- Handheld instrument
- Industrial environments
- Instrument
- Keyboard fronted
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
-Desks, consoles, workstations
-EMC management
- Conductive coatings
- Magnetic shielding materials
- Shielding enclosures
- Shielding gaskets, fingers
- Shielding laminates
- Shielding windows
-Enclosure hardware
- Backplanes
- Bezels, windows
- Card guides, retainers
- Card inserters, extractors
- Chassis tracks/slides
- Ejectors
- Handles
- Keyboard trays
- Transfers/panel marking
- Vibration, shock mounts
-Microbus system packaging
-Thermal management
- Air filters
- Closed loop heat exchangers
- Fans and blowers - axial, tube-axial
- Fans and blowers - cross-flow
- Fans and blowers - variable-speed control
- Heatsink extrusions
Section - Industrial electronics & equipment
-Cameras (video)
- Industrial
- Electronic
-Laser-based equipment
-Machine vision systems
-Motion controllers
-Motors (low power)
- Brushless
- DC
- Geared
- Servo
- Stepper
- Synchro
-Panel meters
- Analog
- Digital
- Programmable
-Programmable controllers (PLCs)
- Angular displacement
- CO2
- Flow
- Humidity
- Infrared
- Limit
- Linear displacement
- Oxygen
- Position encoders
- Pressure
- Proximity
- Temperature
- Ultrasonic
- Vibration
-Servo system components
-Thermal imagers
Section - Power supplies & batteries
- Alkaline
- Lithium
-Secondary (rechargeable)
- Alkaline
- Lead-acid
- Lead-acid, sealed
- Lithium polymer
- Lithium-ion
- Nickel-cadmium
- Nickel-metal hydride
-AC-DC converter
-Card frame (Euro)
-DC-DC converter
-Encapsulated PCB-mounting
-Enclosed unit
- Application specific
- Custom-built
- EMI filtered
- Harmonic correction
- Milspec
- Power factor correction
- Pre-regulator
- Pre-set adjustment
- Tracking
- Universal input
-Multiple output
-Output range
- 0-5 V
- 5-50 V
- 50-500 V
- 500-5000 V
- 0-50 W
- 50-100 W
- 100-200 W
- 200 W+
- High current
- Crowbar
- Foldback current
- Fused
- Input surge
- Input-output isolation
- Output overvoltage
- Thermal cut-out
- Undervoltage lock-out
-Single output
-Battery analyser/tester
-Battery chargers
-Battery management system
-Battery packs
-Constant voltage transformer
-DC-AC static inverter
-Frequency converter
-Heavy duty battery
-Solar power supply unit
-Standby power supply
-Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
-Bench use
-Digital meters
-Electronic load
-High current
- 0-5 V
- 500-5000 V
- 50-500 V
- 5-50 V
-Rack/cubicle use
-Remote programming
-Remote sensing
-Sub-bench use
Section - Production services & equipment
-Assembly line furniture
- Static protection - anti-static liquid
- Static protection - floor treatments
- Static protection - flooring/mats
- Static protection - ionisers
- Static protection - work surfaces
- Static protection - wrist bands
-Cleaning machines
- Aqueous
- Conformal coating/curing
-Solder fume extractors
-Soldering/rework stations
- Foaming fluxers
- Solder pots, baths
- Soldering machines - inert atmosphere
- Soldering machines - multiple jet
- Spray fluxers
-Test equipment
- Ground check testers
- Static locators
- Soldering, reworking
-Cable termination/connection
- Cable & wire strippers
- Crimping tools
- Termination tooling
- Desoldering irons & bits
- Flux dispensers
- Hot air desoldering tools
- Hot air soldering tools
- Solder fume extraction
- Soldering iron holders
- Soldering irons & bits
- Soldering stations
- Ultrasonic soldering irons
-Specialised tools for electronics
- Component handling tools - vacuum 'tweezers' (SMD)
-Gold edge connectors
-Gold-nickel edge connectors
-Inspection & testing - automatic optical video
-Inspection & testing - electrical testing
-Inspection & testing - visual inspection
-Surface finish - solder through flux
-Equipment assembly
- Sub-assembly prod - electrical, electronic
- Testing - electrical, electronic
-PCB assembly services
- Conformal coating
- Epoxy
- Thermally conductive
- Urethane & silicone
-Base PCB laminates
- Copper sheeting
- Microwave substrate
-Cleaning agents
- Alcohol based
- Aqueous
- Semi-aqueous
- Solvents
- Solvents, non-CFC
- Antistatic
- Conformal
-Encapsulation resins, compounds
-Flux solvents
- No-clean
- Water soluble
-Lacquers, varnishes (protective)
- Liquid
-Screening materials
- High conductivity
- Liquid (spray-on)
- Magnetic
-Solder masking agents
- Screenable
-Solder masks, temporary
- Peelable materials
- Tape
-Solder paste
- Aqueous
- No-clean
- Rosin-based
- Water-soluble
-Soldering materials
- Bulk solder sticks, bars
-Solvents (PCB manufacture)
-ATE (turnkey) systems
-PCB inspection
- X-ray imaging
-PCB testing
- Sprung test probes
-Test rooms (shielded)
Section - Test & maintenance
-Cable fault analysers
-Chromatic spectrum analysers
-Optical spectrum analyser
-Power meters
-Pulse generators
-Switches, optical
-Arbitrary waveform generators
-Cameras, oscilloscope
-Data loggers/recorders
-Frequency counters/timers
-Function generators
-Logic analysers
- Analyser/emulator combo
- State
- Timing
-Multimeters, bench
-Network analysers
- Vector
- A+D
- Analog
- Digitising
- Mixed signal
-Plotters, graphic
-Power meters (wattmeters)
-Power supplies, bench
-Pulse generators
-Recorders, waveform (oscillographs)
-Signal generators
- Audio
- Data (bit pattern)
- HF
- Pulse
- Sweep
-Spectrum analysers
-Test chambers
- Anechoic, RF
-Test leads, probes
-Vibration analysers
- AC (Av, rms, pk)
- Broadband
- DC
- Selective
- Anti-corrosion
- Anti-static coating
- Cleaning, degreasing
- Contact cleaning/lubricating
- Dust/contaminant removal
- Fux removal
- Head cleaners - audio, video
- Lubricants
- Refrigerant sprays
-Desoldering braid
-Pads and swabs
-EMI/RFI test systems
-Frequency counters, UHF/SHF
-Frequency synthesisers
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise figure meters
-Power meters
-Signal generators
-Spectrum analysers
-Power meters, RF
-Signal generators/synthesizers
- Modulation function
- Pulse
- RF
-Spectrum analysers/monitors
-Cabling testers
- Cable locator
- Cat 6/7
- Pair fault location
- Telephone test set (butt)
- Tone testers
-Digital comms
- ISDN interface monitor
- ISDN system test/analysis
- Protocol analysers
- xDSL system testers
-LAN testers
- Cable media analysers (see also fibre-optic testers)
- Combination spectrum, network, impedance
- Network operation analysers
-Transmission measurements
- Cable crosstalk test sets
- Level meters
-Battery testers/analysers
-Clamp meters
-Current clamps
-Earthing testers
-Humidity/temperature meters
-Oscilloscope & DMM combinations
-Phase rotation testers
-Power factor meters
-Power oscillators (inc polyphase)
-Pulse/pattern generators
-Radiation monitors/detectors
-Test leads
-Test probes
- DMM (HV, HF, CT, Temp)
-Vibration monitors
Section - Wireless systems & components
-Antenna systems
- Lightning protection
-Point-to-point links
- Wireless modules/systems (telemetry)
News from Vepac Electronics:
High-voltage rack-mount PSUs
25 September 2019, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

XP Glassman Power has introduced a series of rack-mount, high-voltage DC power supplies (PSU) able to supply up to 60 kV. Aimed at laboratories and OEMs, the EY series of 1200 W power supplies feature ...

4-channel PC-based oscilloscope
28 August 2019, Test & Measurement, Vepac Electronics

The newly developed Model 1330 from Peaktech is a 4-channel PC oscilloscope with 100 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSps sample rate, which is suitable for mobile use on a laptop, and permanent installation in control ...

DC-DC converter for DIN-rail mounting
28 August 2019, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

MTM Power is offering the HSD series of primary switched DIN-rail modules with DC input voltage. The devices offer an input voltage range of 20 - 72 V d.c. and allow efficient solutions for different ...

All-in-one light pipe system
28 August 2019, Opto-Electronics, Vepac Electronics

Bivar’s Zero Light Bleed adaptor technology, with built-in surface-mount LED, channels light directly to the lens, eliminating disruptive light bleed. The all-in-one adaptor system is built with optimum ...

Rugged DC-DC converters
28 August 2019, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

XP Power introduced two new series of wide input-range chassis- and DIN-rail mount DC-DC converters that offer simple and rapid installation into a wide variety of industrial and ITE applications. The ...

Bidirectional laboratory power supply
28 August 2019, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

EA Elektro-Automatik’s new 30 kW EA-PSB 10000 is a bidirectional power supply with a working efficiency of up to 96%, both as a source and as a drain with energy feedback. The device can be switched from ...

Digital fibre-optic sensor
28 August 2019, Opto-Electronics, Vepac Electronics

The DFS digital fibre-optic sensor series from Tri-Tronics is designed to provide reliable detection using plastic fibre-optic light guides. The slim-line housing with protective lid will fit in a variety ...

Low-profile U-channel PSU
31 July 2019, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

XP Power has launched a new range of 180 Watt U-channel AC-DC power supplies (PSU) that are intended for space-constrained medical (BF), industrial and IT applications. The low-profile devices are just ...

Conformal coatings for challenging operating environments
31 July 2019, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Vepac Electronics

Modern electronic assemblies are increasingly expected to survive hostile operating environments and work reliably in conditions of prolonged high temperatures in the presence of thermal shock and high ...

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