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Sale of: service: publishes a range of award-winning technical publications; these include Dataweek, SA Instrumentation & Control, Motion Control and Hi-Tech Security Solutions. The publications offer an invaluable news source of current technological developments and provide a forum for leading players to showcase their products and services.

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Bell, Graeme
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Circulation Manager
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Sales Administrator
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Hargreaves, Heidi
Media Consultant: Hi-Tech and I&C
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Howells, Peter
Editor: Dataweek
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Koster, Raylene
Financial Manager
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Roberts, Kim
Editor: Motion Control
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Seldon, Andrew
Editor: Hi-Tech Security Solutions
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Tehini, Malckey
Managing Director
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van der Spuy, Jane
Sales Director, Product Manager: SA I&C, Motion Co
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Wolter, Tracy
Media Consultant: Hi-Tech Security Solutions, DW
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News from Technews Publishing:
From the editor's desk: Beyond Turing: GPT-4o’s human-like capabilities
31 May 2024, Editor's Choice, Technews Publishing

Human-like conversations between humans and AIs have now officially entered the realm of mainstream interaction.

From the editor's desk: Exciting times ahead?
30 April 2024, News, Technews Publishing

There are many subjects that excite me in this world, but two of the larger technical subjects are, firstly, renewable energy, and secondly, the idea of artificial intelligence as it continues to evolve ...

From the editor's desk: Funga: The unseen rulers of a new kingdom
28 March 2024, News, Technews Publishing

Up until a few weeks ago, our classification kingdoms were split into two parts; fauna and flora. I was amazed when I recently read that National Geographic has now changed this and has split the classification ...

From the editor's desk: A scourge on education
29 February 2024, News, Technews Publishing

The current government has done very little to curb the rampant affect that loadshedding has had on education in the last 10 years.

From the editor's desk: Intelligence is needed to train AI
22 November 2023, News, Technews Publishing

AI is trained on human-generated information which mostly comes from information that already exists on the internet in some form. But this is a finite amount of information.

From the editor's desk: Small miracles will hopefully lead to bigger ones
25 October 2023, News, Technews Publishing

As I sit here this month and ponder the few weeks that have passed, I wonder where the time has gone. Maybe as one gets older, time seems to be compressed more and more. Or maybe the old brains simply ...

From the editor's desk: A ray of sunshine
27 September 2023, Editor's Choice, Technews Publishing

On Monday morning, I was making my way very slowly across town to my office. The drive was – even by Monday morning standards, which is usually busier than other days with everyone trying to get an ...

A renewed hope
26 July 2023, Editor's Choice, Technews Publishing

July has been a slightly more positive time for businesses in South Africa, and for engineers and technicians in the electronic engineering and manufacturing sector.

From the editor's desk: A better option for our youth!
28 June 2023, News, Technews Publishing

Soon after the democratic elections in 1994, the South African government declared 16 June as National Youth Day, and June as Youth Month. This was done in the hopes of ushering in a new era which fostered ...

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