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Sale of: service: Technews Publishing publishes a range of award-winning technical publications; these include Dataweek, SA Instrumentation & Control, Motion Control and Hi-Tech Security Solutions. The publications offer an invaluable news source of current technological developments and provide a forum for leading players to showcase their products and services.

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Media Consultant: Hi-Tech Security Solutions, DW
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News from Technews Publishing:
From the editor’s desk: Do we have the power?
27 July 2022, News, Technews Publishing

On a recent trip to Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape I was reminded, quite rudely and abruptly to be honest, of the load shedding that has plagued South Africa for the last few years. Living in KZN, we ...

Electronics news digest
27 July 2022, News, Electronic News Digest, Technews Publishing

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has announced global semiconductor industry sales were $51,8 billion in the month of May 2022, an increase of 18,0% over the May 2021 total of $43,9 billion ...

From the editor's desk: 42
29 June 2022, News, Technews Publishing

To most people, 42 is simply a number. To some, they may think about the fact that it is an even number, or maybe the product of six and seven, or that this is the length of a standard marathon in kilometres. ...

From the editor's desk: Just how high can one get on Helium?
30 May 2022, News, Technews Publishing

At the time of writing, the total number of deployed hotspots stands at 824 159, with 64 708 of those having come online in just the last 30 days.

From the editor's desk: Where the funge is my token?
26 April 2022, News, Technews Publishing

To set the scene, I first need to confess something. I do my best thinking in complete isolation, preferably with a window to see the world outside so I know it’s still there. I pace relentlessly, talk ...

From the editor's desk: A thing no one wanted will happen soon, probably
30 March 2022, News, Technews Publishing

The transition away from analog TV signals is both sensible and necessary, but the TV-watching public are not the ones invested in the change.

Electronics News Digest
30 March 2022, Electronic News Digest, Technews Publishing

South Africa       Dr Hencharl Strauss was appointed as manager of the CSIR Photonics Centre as of 1 March 2022. Dr Strauss joined the CSIR in 2009 in a postdoctoral position while completing his PhD through ...

Electronics News Digest
28 February 2022, News, Technews Publishing

Overseas    Business Analog Devices delivered its fourth consecutive quarter of record revenue, carried by momentum across all end markets and geographies. The first quarter of the company’s 2022 fiscal ...

From the editor's desk: Automotive electronics, batteries and second lives
28 February 2022, News, Technews Publishing

Electronics form an integral part of modern motor vehicles and the extent to which electronic systems are relied on, as well as their quantity and complexity, is growing relentlessly. In 2020, electronic ...

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