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Sivan Electronic Supplies

Cnr Newick Road & Louis Botha Avenue, Gresswold, Johannesburg

+27 11 887 7879
+27 11 887 2051
+27 73 196 2613
elecsupp@global.co.za, esupplies@global.co.za

Sale of: heatsinks, sockets/adaptors, magnets, emulators, power supplies, RF capacitors, HV capacitors, microwave coils, ferrites, planar transformers, high-speed ICs, crystals, flexible cables, enclosures and keypads.

Mashiqa, Sarah
Internal Sales
Sivan, Alex
Managing Director
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Aries Electronics
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Bakker Magnetics
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Cosmo Ferrites
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FranMar Power
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Gainta Industries
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IMC Microwave Industries
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Logical Devices
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Section - Components
-Cables - Multiconductor
- multipair
- shielded individual/overall
- telephone
- temperature extremes
-Cables - coaxial
- flexible
- high temperature
- miniature
- rigid
-Air dielectric
- chip format
- high-Q
- aluminium
-Film (foil/metallised)
- chip format
-High voltage
-Variable-tuning trimmers
- air
- ceramic
- glass
- Board-to-board stacking
- Metric spacing
- High density (<2 mm)
- Mass terminated (IDC) ribbon
- Surface mount
-Amplifier tubes
- high-frequency
- power
- small-signal
- transmitting
-Electron tubes
- Klystrons
- X-ray tubes
-Attenuator pads
-Bus termination networks
-EMI/RFI suppression filters
- signal line
-Matching networks
-RC networks
- Audio frequency (filter, etc)
- Designer's kits
- High frequency (RF,IF,etc)
- SMD chips
- SMPS inductors
- Toroidal
- Variable (tuning)
-Transformers - power
- Custom wound components
- Switchmode (DC-DC)
- Toroidal
-Transformers - signal
- Balance-unbalance (balun)
- IF
- Telecom specialised
-Key action available
- Mechanical contact
-Keyboard options
- joystick incorporated
- trackerball incorporated
- Customised
- Full travel
- Sealed
- Short travel
- Custom capabilities
- Custom legends
- EMI shielded
- Handheld terminals
- Harsh environment
- Modular keys
- Outdoor (weatherproof)
- Standard
- Vandalproof
-Features available
- Display drivers (LCD, LED, VFT)
- On-chip ROM/EPROM
- Assemblers
- Compilers - Assembler
- Compilers - C,C++
- Development system
- Evaluation boards
- Hardware programmers
- In-circuit emulator
- Source level debug
- System execution analyser
-Coil formers/bobbins
-Feet, enclosure
-Insulating washers, bushes
-Magnetic cores
- ferrite beads
- ferrite transformer
- ferrite, coil
- ferrite, pot
- ferrite, rod
- powdered iron
- toroids
-Screws and fasteners
-Shock/vibration mounts
-Stand-offs, spacers
-Thermal management components
- clamps, press pack
- heat dissipator fins
- heatsink extrusions
- liquid cooled plates
- thermal mounting pads
-Integrated circuit sockets
- DIP sockets - closed frame
- DIP sockets - elevator (display)
- DIP sockets - open frame, collet style
- DIP sockets - tulip contact
- DIP sockets - vertical (display)
- High temperature
- Low profile
- Surface mount
- Test sockets
- ZIF, LIF versions
-Plugs and jacks
- Jumpers, PCB
- Pin headers and sockets
-Sockets and adapters
- IC package
- Programmable DIP sockets
- Strip line sockets
-DC-DC converters (IC)
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-Box enclosures
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Portable
- Screw-down
- Wall-mounted
- Benchtop
- Handheld instrument
- Industrial environments
- Instrument
- Keyboard fronted
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Transport/transit
-EMC management
- Shielding enclosures
- Shielding gaskets, fingers
-Thermal management
- Fans and blowers - axial, tube-axial
- Fans and blowers - cross-flow
- Fans and blowers - variable-speed control
Section - Power supplies & batteries
-AC-DC converter
-Card frame (Euro)
-DC-DC converter
-Encapsulated PCB-mounting
-Enclosed unit
- EMI filtered
- Harmonic correction
- Milspec
- Power factor correction
- Pre-regulator
- Tracking
- Universal input
-Multiple output
-Output range
- 0-5 V
- 5-50 V
- 0-50 W
- 50-100 W
- 100-200 W
- 200 W+
- Foldback current
- Fused
- Input surge
- Input-output isolation
- Output overvoltage
- Thermal cut-out
- Undervoltage lock-out
-Single output
-10-turn controls
-Auto parallel
-Auto series
-Auto tracking
-Bench use
-Current limiting
-CV regulation
-CV/CC modes
-Digital meters
-Master slave
- 0-5 V
- 50-500 V
- 5-50 V
-Rack/cubicle use
-Remote metering
-Remote programming
-Remote sensing
-Reverse power protection
-Sub-bench use
-Voltage limiting
Section - Production services & equipment
-Specialised tools for electronics
- Component handling tools - IC extraction tools
- Component handling tools - IC insertion tools
- Component lead cropper
- Thermally conductive
-Coil bobbins
Section - Test & maintenance
- Insulating silicone
-Logic signature analysers
Section - Wireless systems & components
- Crystals
-Antenna systems
- Base station duplexers
- Cavity filters
- HF Tx/Rx antennas
- Microwave antennas
- Receiver multicouplers
- Transmitter combiners
- Low noise
- Power
- Wideband
-Antenna systems
-Circulators, gyrators
-Connectors (microwave)
- Coaxial cavity
- Interdigital/combline
- Waveguide
- Strip line
- Waveguide
-Phase shifters, line stretchers
-Power splitters/combiners
- Coaxial - relay
- PIN diode
- Coaxial
- Waveguide
News from Sivan Electronic Supplies:
General-purpose plastic enclosures
30 March 2022, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Available from Gainta is a range of plastic enclosures for mounting and assembly of general electronic applications. The bases of the cases have a mounting flange and incorporate a tongue-and-groove sealing ...

230 W open-frame power supplies
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management, Sivan Electronic Supplies

The new SPP-230P-xx series of open-frame power supplies from Sunpower comprises three models with single outputs of 12 V (19,2 A maximum load), 24 V (9,6 A maximum load) and 27 V (8,6 A maximum load) ...

Soft ferrite cores serving many applications
24 November 2021, Passive Components, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Ferrites are polycrystalline oxides manufactured by ceramic technology and belong to a class of materials that exhibit the technically useful property of ferromagnetism. In a ferromagnetic material, magnetism ...

Flight-proven video and telemetry transmitters
27 October 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Sivan Electronic Supplies

IMC Microwave Industries offers a line of flight-proven synthesised video and telemetry digital transmitters, used primarily to relay telemetry data and video to a remote location. The transmitters are ...

20 mm higher pin heatsink provides 20% better performance
29 September 2021, Circuit & System Protection, Sivan Electronic Supplies

With an overall height of 65 mm, the new PO 98-98-65-AL pin heatsink from Alutronic exceeds the established maximum standard height of 45 mm. In the case of the PO 98-98-65-AL, the additional 20 mm improves ...

Dual circularly polarised sinuous antennas
25 August 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Available from IMC Microwave Industries is a dual circularly polarised sinuous antennas for air, sea and ground applications such as direction finding, electronic warfare (EW), electronic intelligence ...

Plastic boxes for USB and utility applications
23 June 2021, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Gainta’s G19XX series of utility boxes and USB boxes come in a range of materials and a variety of designs to meet an array of application requirements. The G1901G/G1901C and G1911G/G1911C are ideally ...

Ferrite E cores
23 June 2021, Passive Components, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Ferrite cores manufactured by Cosmo Ferrites are used in numerous applications such as lighting, power conditioning, EMI filtering, ultrasonic equipment and solar inverters. One of the most widely ...

Enclosures for mounting electronic applications
30 September 2020, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Available from Gainta is a range of plastic enclosures for mounting and assembly of general electronic applications. The bases of the cases have a mounting flange and incorporate a tongue and groove ...

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