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Mimic Components

5 Ramsay Street, Booysens, Johannesburg

+27 11 689 5700
+27 11 493 8821

Cape Town

tel: +27 21 551 8185
fax: +27 21 551 8169
News from Mimic Components:
VentoFlex modular LED lighting system
23 October 2019, Opto-Electronics, Mimic Components

Visual Communications Company (VCC) launched its VentoFlex flexible modular lighting system. The system is made up of flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) sheets with 90 CRI Luxeon LEDs. VentoFlex was ...

Industrial panel meter
30 January 2019, Test & Measurement, Mimic Components

The N1540 from Novus is a popular indicator for instrumentation testing and measurements. It is part of a range of microprocessor panel indicators commonly used in industrial processes for the indication ...

Indicators for panel mounting
16 May 2018, Opto-Electronics, Mimic Components

VCC has expanded its CNX series product offering to include 120 V a.c. versions for both the 14 mm and 22 mm panel-mount indicators. Part of the all-in-one FlexVolt product family, the rugged CNX714 (14 ...

Low-profile light pipe
31 January 2018, Opto-Electronics, Mimic Components

VCC has developed a rigid light pipe that delivers bright, focused light and eliminates glare and shadowing. The LPCR series features a low-profile Fresnel lens that offers a 160 degree viewing angle. Ideal ...

LED-based touch sensor display
15 November 2017, Electronics Technology, Mimic Components

Visual Communications Company developed a capacitive touch sensor display that provides a cost-effective, intuitive interface to ease and accelerate user interactions. The LED-based CTH Series capacitive ...

Panel mount LED indicator
19 July 2017, Opto-Electronics, Mimic Components

VCC has launched a watertight IP67-rated LED panel mount indicator with a unique optical low-profile lens. The PML50 Series with FlexVolt technology features a built-in, ultra-bright LED that provides ...

Enclosure with window for instrumentation
14 June 2017, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products, Mimic Components

Mimic Components offers a wide range of SMC IP67 enclosures which are ideal for field instrumentation in almost any environment. The window allows viewing of the equipment inside and there is a double ...

Panel mount LED indicators
17 May 2017, Opto-Electronics, Mimic Components

VCC has expanded its offering of high brightness LED panel mount indicators to include a new 125 V a.c. version which joins the 1092 family’s existing 12 V and 28 V models. Designed to simplify new and ...

LED indicator with built-in resistor
19 April 2017, Opto-Electronics, Mimic Components

VCC has launched the LTHxMM12V series, a through-hole LED indicator with a built-in resistor for 12 V d.c. applications. The built-in resistor improves the device's overall reliability for use in a multitude ...

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