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TE Connectivity

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Port Elizabeth

tel: +27 41 503 4500
fax: +27 41 581 0440
News from TE Connectivity:
Interconnects for the transportation market
18 March 2015, Interconnection, TE Connectivity

The pace at which the electrical and electronic architecture of vehicles is being innovated is one of the major challenges facing the automotive industry. An increasing number of these systems enriches ...

Hybrid PPTC/MOV device
23 January 2013, Circuit & System Protection, TE Connectivity

TE Circuit Protection recently introduced the 2Pro AC, a hybrid device that offers designers an integrated, resettable approach to protect sensitive downstream electronics against damage from over-current ...

Power entry modules
28 November 2012, Power Electronics / Power Management, TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity’s new Medium P series power entry modules are a medium-performance addition to the already existing Corcom P Series offering. They are suitable for applications with increased attenuation ...

Thermal protectors for LiP battery cells
14 November 2012, Circuit & System Protection, TE Connectivity

Designers are increasingly turning to high-capacity, envelope-like LiP (lithium polymer) cells to optimise space in media tablets, ultra-thin PCs, electronic readers and other small, slim consumer electronics. ...

Lighting connectors
31 October 2012, Interconnection, TE Connectivity

The CoolSplice range of connectors is designed to connect a pair of discrete wires, or a twin cord cable in line to a pair of discrete wires or twin cord cables, and is best suited to applications in ...

SMD over-current/temperature protectors
31 October 2012, Circuit & System Protection, TE Connectivity

TE Circuit Protection has announced a new family of nine low-rho (low-resistance) surface-mount devices that help provide both over-current and over-temperature protection for the battery pack PCMs (protection ...

Terminal crimping applicator
17 October 2012, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, TE Connectivity

TE Application Tooling has created the Ocean Applicator tool to provide high levels of quality and repeatability for terminal crimping. The system provides interchangeable mechanical, pneumatic and servo ...

CE over-voltage/current devices
3 October 2012, Circuit & System Protection, TE Connectivity

New from TE Circuit Protection is the PolyZen CE (Consumer Electronics) series of circuit protection devices for tablet PCs and other portable consumer electronics. The devices are designed to help protect ...

Spring fingers
13 June 2012, Interconnection, TE Connectivity

As the demand for electronic devices continues to increase, so does the need for internal connections within these devices. In response to this growing trend, TE Connectivity offers scalable spring ...

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