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Measuring Instruments Technology

CSIR Campus, Building 33, Meiring Naude Road, Lynnwood, Pretoria

+27 12 349 5191
+27 12 349 5190
margie@marmit.co.za, sales@marmit.co.za

News from Measuring Instruments Technology:
Range of spectroscopy equipment
26 November 2008, Opto-Electronics, Measuring Instruments Technology

Andor’s Revolution family of microscopic products provide the framework for laser-illuminated microscopy solutions, including spinning disk confocal, TIRFM and photo-bleach and activation modalities. There ...

High-speed digital photography
4 October 2006, Opto-Electronics, Measuring Instruments Technology

High-speed photography has many applications today. It can be used to measure shells emerging from barrels of any calibre weapon, it can be used to study high speed machinery, and it can be used in biometrics. ...

SA electronics companies profile: Measuring Instruments Technology
30 November 2005, News, Measuring Instruments Technology

Measuring Instruments Technology (MIT) was established in 1993 and initially, its core business was the manufacture and sale of the CSIR’s Goldilux range of products. In terms of the agreement with CSIR ...

Electronics & communications technology news:
To fake or not to fake
30 June 2020, News

Prof. Johan Meyer explores the complex and controversial topic of the potential link between the global rollout of 5G networks and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Backplanes for various computing architectures
30 June 2020, Computer/Embedded Technology, Vepac Electronics

Verotec designs, supplies and integrates bus-based products and systems. Its extensive standard range consists of open-architecture backplanes and extender boards for VME, VME64x, VXI, VPX, VXS, CompactPCI, ...

PCIe Gen 4 switches
30 June 2020, Computer/Embedded Technology, Avnet South Africa

To support cloud, data centre and hyperscale computing that facilitates advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Microchip Technology released to production its Switchtec ...

Cable assemblies for stable phase testing
30 June 2020, Interconnection, RFiber Solutions

The W-Test series from With-Wave is a complete line of high-precision cable assemblies, designed especially for stable phase testing. They are based on optimised microwave interconnection technologies. ...

Circular connectors for power, signals and data
30 June 2020, Interconnection, TRX Electronics

Standardised circular connectors have become the industry standard across a wide range of applications. Customers can find the right option for their most innovative designs with Phoenix Contact’s PLUSCON ...

Cellular chipset for global low-power IoT
30 June 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RF Design

The UBX-R5 Series from u-blox is a global multi-band cellular chipset that supports LPWA, LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies. It is optimised for IoT applications such as smart metering, telematics, tracking, ...

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