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News from MANTECH:
The role of connector miniaturisation in military electronics
19 April 2017, Interconnection, MANTECH

Military organisations worldwide have a great sense of urgency to modernise their operations. According to National Defense Magazine, there is an ‘innovation gap’ that is putting the soldier of today ...

RFID tag for textile industry
19 April 2017, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, MANTECH

Invengo has launched a new generation linen tag, the LinTRAK-Slim, said to be the slimmest UHF RFID tag for the laundry and textile services industry. Specifically designed to be discreetly integrated ...

Quick release circular sockets
20 April 2016, Interconnection, MANTECH

A new quick release, 24-pin socket version has been added to Fischer’s MiniMax series, for applications where density, signal and power, and size matter. Ideal for handheld or body-worn applications, ...

Fibre optic connector
20 April 2016, Interconnection, MANTECH

Fischer Connectors has launched a new single fibre optic connector (FO1) within its FiberOptic series. This miniature, lightweight, rugged connectivity solution is easy to use and ensures optical performance ...

AC-DC converter for extreme temperatures
27 January 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management, MANTECH

Electrolytic capacitors – a key component for AC-DC switching power supplies – have shortcomings such as large internal losses, large deviation of electrostatic capacity, high leakage current and poor ...

Mantech gains agency for industrial laser meters
14 October 2015, News, Test & Measurement, MANTECH

Newco Instruments, a South African manufacturer of professional sensors, has appointed Mantech Electronics as the distributor for its InoxLaser laser sensors. The result of three years of development ...

Cleanable connectors for sterile areas
23 September 2015, Interconnection, MANTECH

Fischer Connectors has launched a new stainless steel range of circular connectors, part of the highly configurable Fischer Core series. Offer outstanding chemical, temperature and radiation resistance, ...

Magnetic cores
12 August 2015, Passive Components, MANTECH

Magnetics now offers its XFLUX distributed air gap cores in 50 x 30 mm (00X5030Bxxx), 60 x 30 mm (00X6030Bxxx), 70 x 30 mm (00X7030Bxxx) and 80 x 30 mm (00X8030Bxxx) versions, with permeabilities of 26, ...

High-density circular connectors
22 July 2015, Interconnection, MANTECH

Fischer Connectors has extended its MiniMax connector range to include 19- and 24-pin configurations for pin socket models, giving designers more flexibility, especially where space and weight restrictions ...

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