Electronics Buyers' Guide (EBG) - Directory of the South African Electronics Industry
Hi-Q Electronics

Syfin House, 2nd Floor, 14 Fairway Close, N1 City, Parow, Cape Town

+27 21 595 1307
+27 21 595 3820

Sale of: active, passive and electromechanical components.

Cape Town

tel: +27 21 595 1307
Boksburg (Gauteng)

tel: +27 11 894 8083
Botha, Jody
Field Applications Engineer
Lombard, Callie
Product Manager
Lombard, Tanya
Sales & Admin Manager
Pienaar, Etienne
General Manager
Pienaar, Morne
Marketing and Procurement
Pienaar, GJ
Pienaar, Gerda
Financial Manager (CPT)
Amber Wireless
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Comus International
(Shared Agency)
Coto Technology
(Sole Agency)
CYG Wayon
(Sole Agency)
Diotec Semiconductor
(Shared Agency)
Easttop Displays
(Sole Agency)
EM Microelectronic
(Shared Agency)
Goldencell Electronics
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
HTR Resistors
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
IQD Frequency Products
(Shared Agency)
Jauch Quartz
(Sole Agency)
(Shared Agency)
Liteon Opto Electronics
(Sole Agency)
Midcom (Würth)
(Shared Agency)
OBO Pro.2
(Sole Agency)
Protek Devices
(Shared Agency)
Q-TECH Corporation
(Sole Agency)
Renesas Electronics
(Shared Agency)
Renesas IDT
(Shared Agency)
Renesas Intersil
(Shared Agency)
(Sole Agency)
Soar Cable & Connector
(Shared Agency)
Stelvio Kontek (Würth)
(Shared Agency)
Sunnet Industrial
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency)
Taiwan Semiconductor
(Shared Agency)
Wieson International
(Shared Agency)
Würth Elektronik
(Shared Agency)
Section - Components
- programmable
- sense
-Analog multiplexers
- diode
- transistor
-Consumer ICs
- audio
-Energy metering
-Voltage comparators
-Voltage references
-Cables - coaxial
- flexible
- high temperature
- miniature
- rigid
- semi-rigid
- twin-axial
-Cables - flat
- antenna feed
- printed, ribbon
- woven
-Installation accessories
- Mounting clips, clamps
- Shrink tubing
- Ties
- chip format
- aluminium
- chip format
- high ripple
- Board-to-board stacking
- Elastomeric
- High density (<2 mm)
- High speed data
- Surface mount
- Two piece
- High density (<2 mm)
- IDC discrete wire
- Mass terminated (IDC) ribbon
- Receptacles and headers
- Surface mount
-Cable-to-cable/panel - D-Subminiature
- accessories
- high density
- microminiature
- standard
-Special applications
- EMI-filtered
- Shielded
-Bus Controllers/Interfaces
-Clock oscillators/dividers
-Comparators (digital)
-Interface ICs
-Line drivers/receivers
-Logic gates
-Low volt logic
-Management ICs
-Touch controllers
-Transceiver devices
- Arrays
- Fast recovery
- Rectifier
- Schottky
- Trigger
- Varactor
- Zener regulator
- Darlington
- Dual complementary
- GTO thyristors
- High voltage
- Low noise
- Matched pairs
- Small signal
-Receiver (O-E) modules
- telecom
-EMI/RFI suppression filters
- power line
- signal line
- Audio frequency (filter, etc)
- Common mode
- Designer's kits
- HF suppressor chokes
- High frequency (RF,IF,etc)
- Moulded RF chokes
- Power filter chokes
- SMD chips
- SMPS inductors
- Toroidal
- Transductors
- Ultrathin
- Variable (tuning)
-Transformers - power
- Flyback
- Switchmode (DC-DC)
-Transformers - signal
- Audio functions
- Balance-unbalance (balun)
- Buck-boost, HF
- power MOSFET
-Electricity metering ICs
-Hall-effect devices
-IR remote control ICs
-Motor control (DSP + memory)
-Motor speed controllers
-Power op amps
-Features available
- 3 Ph Waveform Generation
- A-D conversion
- Application specific designs
- Bus driver
- Cache
- Clock/calendar generator
- Counter(s)
- Customisable micro
- Display drivers (LCD, LED, VFT)
- DSP core
- Embeddable device
- Encryption/Decryption micros
- Fully integrated MCU module
- Hold function
- In-system flash programmable
- Interrupt priority/control
- Low voltage operation
- Memory expansion
- Modular core
- Motor control
- On-chip flash
- On-chip ROM/EPROM
- On-chip SRAM
- Pipelined memory interface
- Power management control
- Power save modes
- Power-on reset (POR)
- ROMless
- RTOS (realtime operation)
- Security
- Timer(s)
- Watchdog timer
-I/O features
- Analog
- Digital
- External bus
- High speed digital
- Parallel
- Serial
- 4-bit bus width
- 8-bit bus width
- 12/14/16-bit bus width
- 12-bit bus width
- 16/8-bit bus width
- 16-bit bus width
- 32-bit bus width
- 64-bit bus width
-Processor types
- Digital signal processors
- Fuzzy MCUs
- Math coprocessors
- Compilers - Assembler
- Compilers - C,C++
- Development system
- Evaluation boards
- In-circuit emulator
- Integrated development environment (IDE)
- Realtime kernel (executive)
- Source level debug
- System execution analyser
- Schottky barrier
-Battery holders
-Buzzers, sounders
-Card readers
-Clock crystals
-Frequency control elements
- oscillator modules
- piezo-ceramic
- quartz crystals
-Magnetic cores
- ferrite beads
- ferrite transformer
- ferrite, coil
- ferrite, pot
- ferrite, rod
- toroids
-Stand-offs, spacers
-Display modules
- alphanumeric
- digital
- graphics
-Display screens
- backlight panels
- LCD - colour
- LCD - monochrome
- LCD - prototyping kits
- LED/OLED displays
- incandescent (lamps)
- LED types
- neon
-Integrated photo-electronics
-IR detectors/emitters
-Integrated circuit sockets
- Low profile
- Memory card
- Surface mount
- ZIF, LIF versions
-Plugs and jacks
- Pin headers and sockets
- Plug and jack sets - coaxial
- Plug and jack sets - microphone
- Plug and jack sets - modular interconnection
- Plug and jack sets - phono, stereo
- Plug and jack sets - telephone
-Sockets and adapters
- Battery sockets/connectors
- DIP headers
-AC-DC converters (IC)
-DC-DC converters (IC)
-Drivers - power MOSFET
-Power factor preregulators
-Power regulators
- Burst-fire control
- Phase control
-Power supervision
-PWM controllers
-Rectifier bridges
-Resonant-mode controllers
-Switchmode controllers
-Voltage regulators
- Adjustable
- Fixed
- Linear
- Switching
-Zero-crossing triggers
-Transient voltage suppressors
- Gas-discharge tube (GDT)
- Varistor (MOV)
- Zener
-Reed relays
- Dry contact
- Low thermal EMF
- Mercury-wetted
- Microminiature
- General purpose
-Current sensors
-High voltage
- >10 W
- 2-5 W
- 5-10 W
-EEPROM (electrically erasable)
-EPROM (UV erasable)
-Flash EPROM
-Flash memory cards
-Flash NAND
-IC memory cards
-NV SRAM (non-volatile)
-Parallel EEPROM
-ROM (mask programmable)
-SDRAM (synchronous)
-Serial EEPROM
-SIMM modules
-SRAM (static)
-Mercury tilt
-Micro, snap-action
-Pushbutton control
- Illuminated
- Interlocked
- Miniature
- Momentary
- Oil/watertight
-Rocker (lit/unlit)
-Rotary on-off
-Rotary selector
- Multisection
-Terminal blocks - DIN railmount system
- Terminal blocks
-Terminal blocks - Moulded terminal steps
- Panel mounting
- PCB mounting
-Terminal blocks
- Panel mount blocks
- PCB-fixed blocks
- PCB-pluggable blocks & receptacles
- Screwed clamp
- Screwless spring cage
- Tab connector blocks (panel, PCB)
- Thermocouple
Section - Industrial electronics & equipment
-Bar code markers/readers
- Acceleration
- Magnetic
- Motion
- Pressure
- Proximity
- Tilt
- Ultrasonic
- Vibration
Section - Power supplies & batteries
- Alkaline
- Carbon zinc
- Lithium
- Manganese
- Mercury
- Silver-oxide
- Zinc chloride
-Secondary (rechargeable)
- Alkaline
- Lead-acid
- Lead-acid, sealed
- Lithium polymer
- Lithium-ion
- Nickel-cadmium
- Nickel-hydrogen
- Nickel-metal hydride
- Smart battery
- Sodium-sulphur
- Zinc-air
Section - Wireless systems & components
- Low noise
- PIN diode
-Global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
-GSM modules
-Wireless transceiver modules
News from Hi-Q Electronics:
High power-density TVS diodes
25 November 2020, Circuit & System Protection, Hi-Q Electronics

Today’s modern high power-density electronics are more vulnerable to electrical stresses than ever due to component miniaturisation. High-demand, scalable electronics such as smart meters require highly ...

Data buffer for high performance server and cloud service applications
30 September 2020, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Hi-Q Electronics

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a new high speed, low power DDR5 data buffer for data centre, server and high-performance workstation applications. Advancements over the past few years ...

Temperature-compensated quartz crystal oscillators
30 September 2020, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Hi-Q Electronics

With it’s compact, power-saving and highly precise specifications, Jauch’s new TCXO JT21S is particularly suitable for use in wireless applications and ensures a stable frequency across all RF standards ...

Dual buck and boost-buck controllers
30 September 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, Hi-Q Electronics

Renesas has introduced the ISL78264 Dual Buck and ISL78263 Boost-Buck controllers, which draw the industry’s lowest 6 µA quiescent current under light load and can achieve 96% power efficiency. The ISL78264 ...

SPST RF switch for high-performance aperture tuning
30 September 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Hi-Q Electronics

Skyworks has introduced the SKY59272-707LF, a single-pole, single-throw (4xSPST) switch designed for antenna tuning applications that require ultra-low off-capacitance and low on-resistance. This device ...

Renesas expands wireless power portfolio
30 September 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Hi-Q Electronics

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the P9415-R wireless power receiver with its exclusive WattShare technology as the newest member of its wireless power solutions portfolio. The new 15 W ...

New low-power MCU from Renesas
29 July 2020, DSP, Micros & Memory, Hi-Q Electronics

The RE01-256k is the newest member of Renesas Electronics’ RE microcontroller (MCU) family, implemented on the unique silicon on thin buried oxide (SOTB) ultra-low power process from Renesas. It offers ...

Sensor signal conditioning IC
30 June 2020, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Hi-Q Electronics

New from Renesas Electronics is the ZSSC3240 sensor signal conditioner (SSC) – the newest member of its leading-edge SSC portfolio. The ZSSC3240 delivers high accuracy, sensitivity and flexibility for ...

New low-power MCU from Renesas
30 June 2020, DSP, Micros & Memory, Hi-Q Electronics

The RE01-256k is the newest member of Renesas Electronics’ RE microcontroller (MCU) family, implemented on the unique silicon on thin buried oxide (SOTB) ultra-low power process from Renesas. It offers ...

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