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Sale of: electronic/electrical components and related materials.

Reussenzehn, Helmut
Managing Director
Reussenzehn, Elisabeth
Financial Director
Reussenzehn, Robert
General Manager
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API - Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions
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Batten & Allen
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GT Sonic
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Haver + Boecker
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Heraeus (electronic circuit materials)
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Heyden + Still
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Holland Shielding
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JOT Automation
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Vliesstoff Kasper
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Section - Components
-Film (foil/metallised)
- chip format
- polypropylene
- polystyrene
-RFI suppression
-Cable-to-cable/panel - D-Subminiature
- accessories
- high density
- microminiature
- standard
-Coaxial cable connectors
- Between series adapters
- BNC/TNC Series
-Special applications
- EMI-filtered
- Shielded
-EMI/RFI suppression filters
- power line
- signal line
-Filters, passive
- feed-through plate
- LC
- piezo-ceramic
-Ceramic parts
-Coil formers/bobbins
-Frequency control elements
- piezo-ceramic
- quartz crystals
-Thermal management components
- heatsink extrusions
-DIP, multiple
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-EMC management
- Conductive coatings
- Magnetic shielding materials
- Shielding gaskets, fingers
- Shielding laminates
- Shielding windows
Section - Power supplies & batteries
- EMI filtered
Section - Production services & equipment
-Board preparation
- Screen printing frames
-Cleaning machines
- Spot cleaning
- Squeegee blades
- Ultrasonic
- Ultrasonic/option
- Vapour degreasing
- Depanelling - mechanical
- Depanelling - scoring
-Identification systems
- Alphanumeric labelling
- Bar code labelling
-Reflow soldering
- Hot air/gas convection
- Foaming fluxers
- board carriers, racks
- Protective packaging - conductive bags
- Protective packaging - static shielding bags
-Cable termination/connection
- Cable & wire strippers
-Specialised tools for electronics
- Component handling tools - IC extraction tools
- Component handling tools - IC insertion tools
- Conductive
- Thermally conductive
-Base PCB laminates
- Microwave substrate
-Bonding wires
-Cleaning agents
- Alcohol based
- Aqueous
- Solvents, non-CFC
- Conformal
-Coil bobbins
-Drill entry/exit boards
-Encapsulation resins, compounds
-Flux solvents
- No-clean
- RA, RMA, rosin, synthetic
- Water soluble
-Lacquers, varnishes (protective)
-Moulding compounds
-Resistor pastes
-Screen printing
- Meshes
- Squeegees
- Stencils
-Screening materials
- High conductivity
-Solder paste
- Aqueous
- No-clean
- Rosin-based
- Water-soluble
-Soldering materials
- Solder preforms
-Sputtering materials
- Microwave
- Thick-film
-Thick-film inks, pastes
-Burn-in systems
-Coating adherence testers
-PCB testing
- Sprung test probes
- Test fixtures (custom)
Section - Test & maintenance
- Cleaning, degreasing
- Fux removal
-Humidity/temperature meters
-Test probes
- DMM (HV, HF, CT, Temp)
- ICs, PCB
News from Electronic Industry Supplies:
PCB cleaning diagnostic system
26 June 2019, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

The Verinas system from PBT Works is a dedicated piece of AOI (automatic optical inspection) equipment for evaluating remaining flux residues on PBT glass test boards. The system can be used by electronics ...

Vacuum test fixture
30 April 2019, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

With its newly designed vacuum test fixtures, Ingun has simplified mass testing of a small number of PCB (printed circuit board) versions. The vacuum test fixture combines intuitive handling and a robust, ...

Solder dross recovery system
27 March 2019, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

Stannol’s Solder Saver is a mechanical device to reduce dross, which occurs as an unavoidable side effect in wave soldering systems. According to its manufacturer, solder consumption can be reduced by ...

Affordable soldering station
27 February 2019, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

The Industa 550 soldering station, available from Stannol, is an affordable unit characterised by easy operation and universal fields of application. The temperature is easy to set using a potentiometer, ...

Compact and rugged test fixture ranges
27 February 2019, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

In order to offer a compact test fixture solution, Ingun’s manual test fixtures MA 350/F, MA 360/F, MA 260/F and MA 160/F were designed for testing small PCB series. These compact units not only meet ...

Automatic SMT cleaning machine
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

The HyperSWASH from pbt Works is a fully automatic cleaning machine featuring a spray-in-air, closed-loop, zero-drain system. Available in multiple platform configurations, it is ideally suited for cleaning ...

PCB cleanliness analysis service
10 October 2018, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

Zestron has expanded its analytical services available at its Analytical Center in Ingolstadt, Germany, by integrating a particle extraction and analysis unit. Electronics manufacturers can now have their ...

Electromagnetic interference and compatibility
12 September 2018, Circuit & System Protection, Electronic Industry Supplies

By definition, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the ability of a system, a piece of equipment, or some other electrical device that utilises electromagnetic energy, to operate in its intended ...

Cleaning agent concentration tester
18 July 2018, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

The Zestron EYE product family celebrated its latest automated cleaning agent monitoring solution for PCB and stencil cleaning processes at SMT Hybrid & Packaging 2018 in Nuremberg. In addition to the ...

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