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Electronic Industry Supplies

25 Loch Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg

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+27 83 279 0360
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Sale of: electronic/electrical components and related materials.

Reussenzehn, Helmut
Managing Director
Reussenzehn, Elisabeth
Financial Director
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Reussenzehn, Robert
General Manager
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Batten & Allen
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GT Sonic
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Haver + Boecker
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Heraeus (electronic circuit materials)
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Heyden + Still
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Holland Shielding
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JOT Automation
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PBT Works
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Vliesstoff Kasper
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Section - Components
-Film (foil/metallised)
- chip format
- polypropylene
- polystyrene
-RFI suppression
-Cable-to-cable/panel - D-Subminiature
- accessories
- high density
- microminiature
- standard
-Coaxial cable connectors
- Between series adapters
- BNC/TNC Series
-Special applications
- EMI-filtered
- Shielded
-EMI/RFI suppression filters
- power line
- signal line
-Filters, passive
- feed-through plate
- LC
- piezo-ceramic
-Ceramic parts
-Coil formers/bobbins
-Frequency control elements
- piezo-ceramic
- quartz crystals
-Thermal management components
- heatsink extrusions
-DIP, multiple
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-EMC management
- Conductive coatings
- Magnetic shielding materials
- Shielding gaskets, fingers
- Shielding laminates
- Shielding windows
Section - Power supplies & batteries
- EMI filtered
Section - Production services & equipment
-Board preparation
- Screen printing frames
-Cleaning machines
- Spot cleaning
- Squeegee blades
- Ultrasonic
- Ultrasonic/option
- Vapour degreasing
- Depanelling - mechanical
- Depanelling - scoring
-Identification systems
- Alphanumeric labelling
- Bar code labelling
-Reflow soldering
- Hot air/gas convection
- Foaming fluxers
- board carriers, racks
- Protective packaging - conductive bags
- Protective packaging - static shielding bags
-Cable termination/connection
- Cable & wire strippers
-Specialised tools for electronics
- Component handling tools - IC extraction tools
- Component handling tools - IC insertion tools
- Conductive
- Thermally conductive
-Base PCB laminates
- Microwave substrate
-Bonding wires
-Cleaning agents
- Alcohol based
- Aqueous
- Solvents, non-CFC
- Conformal
-Coil bobbins
-Drill entry/exit boards
-Encapsulation resins, compounds
-Flux solvents
- No-clean
- RA, RMA, rosin, synthetic
- Water soluble
-Lacquers, varnishes (protective)
-Moulding compounds
-Resistor pastes
-Screen printing
- Meshes
- Squeegees
- Stencils
-Screening materials
- High conductivity
-Solder paste
- Aqueous
- No-clean
- Rosin-based
- Water-soluble
-Soldering materials
- Solder preforms
-Sputtering materials
- Microwave
- Thick-film
-Thick-film inks, pastes
-Burn-in systems
-Coating adherence testers
-PCB testing
- Sprung test probes
- Test fixtures (custom)
Section - Test & maintenance
- Cleaning, degreasing
- Fux removal
-Humidity/temperature meters
-Test probes
- DMM (HV, HF, CT, Temp)
- ICs, PCB
News from Electronic Industry Supplies:
Breaking barriers: Ingun’s new board marker probe
27 July 2022, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

Board marker probes are used for the reliable marking of electronic units that have been tested and passed. Ingun has introduced a new electrical board marker probe, a high-quality product with an extremely small and compact design.

Compact test fixtures for small PCB volumes
26 April 2022, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

In order to offer the market a space-saving option, Ingun’s manual test fixtures MA 350/F, MA 360/F, MA 260/F and MA 160/F were designed for testing small volumes of printed circuit boards (PCB). These ...

Water-based cleaning agent for pallets, fixtures and tools
EMP 2022 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

ATRON DC is the world’s first water-based cleaning agent specifically developed for maximum decoating power at the highest level of operator safety. It reliably removes different coating materials, ...

Monitoring system for reflow soldering
EMP 2022 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

ECD’s award-winning OvenSENTINEL distinguishes itself from standard reflow monitoring systems in that it can be customised to measure multiple aspects of the reflow process that may impact quality and ...

Thermal profiling is integral to a process in control
28 July 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Editor's Choice, Electronic Industry Supplies

Analysing and recording the thermal process through thermal profiling is essential to a well-documented operation in control.

Test probes for the toughest test conditions
23 June 2021, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

Ingun has developed a test probe series especially for challenging contacting of tough OSP coatings, lead-free soldering or contaminated printed circuit boards (PCBs). Despite harsh conditions, these ...

RF probes for low-profile designs
23 June 2021, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

Miniature plug connectors for the transmission of radio frequency (RF) signals are essential components of smartphones, tablets and wearables as they form the basis which makes these communication technologies ...

RF test probes for the 5G revolution
28 April 2021, Test & Measurement, Electronic Industry Supplies

5G, the fifth-generation mobile communications standard, will shape the third decade of the 21st century: a higher degree of networking is emerging, connecting different aspects of life and enabling new ...

Air disinfectant system using UV light
31 March 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Electronic Industry Supplies

Soluva Air M10, made by Heraeus, is an ideal solution for air disinfection using UV light in large and closed rooms where there is no ventilation system. Possible places of application are manufacturing ...

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