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EBV Electrolink

1st Floor, Unit 0030, Belmont Office Park, Belmont Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town

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Iso Certification ISO 9002

Sale of: semiconductors - microprocessors, linear and digital integrated circuits, FPGAs, diodes, FETs, LEDs, displays, pressure sensors, optoelectronic devices.


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fax: +27 31 279 2600

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Broadcom Corporation
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EBV Chips
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Fairchild Semiconductor
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Foxconn Interconnect Technology
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Infineon Technologies
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Integrated Device Technology
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Luminus Devices
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Maxim Integrated
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Microchip Technology
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Micron Technology
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NXP Semiconductors
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ON Semiconductor
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Osram Opto Semiconductors
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Power Integrations
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Renesas Electronics
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SIMcom Wireless Solutions
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Section - Components
- audio power
- audio small signal
- buffer
- chopper
- compression
- current
- differential
- digitally controlled
- instrumentation
- isolation
- microphone
- operational
- programmable
- sample and hold
- sense
- track and hold
- video
- voltage controlled
- wideband
-Analog multiplexers
-Analog multipliers/dividers
-Analog switches
- diode
- transistor
-Consumer ICs
- audio
- radio
- TV/video
-Digitally controlled potentiometers
-Energy metering
-Phase locked loop (PLL)
-Special functions
-Voltage comparators
-Voltage references
-Application specific circuits
-Bus Controllers/Interfaces
-Character generators
-Clock oscillators/dividers
-Comparators (digital)
- ADCs
- Code
- DACs
- Multichannel
-Data acquisition systems ICs
-Delay line elements
-Disk drive components
-Display drivers/controllers
-DSP functions
-ECL (emitter coupled logic)
-Interface ICs
-Line drivers/receivers
-Logic gates
-Low volt logic
-Management ICs
-Microcomputer chipsets
-Peripheral drivers
-Pull-up (bus line)
-Pulse-width regulators
-RS232 drivers
-Schmitt triggers
-SCSI chips
-Shift registers
-Terminators - active
-Transceiver devices
-Translators (TTL-CMOS-ECL)
- Arrays
- Fast recovery
- PN junction
- Rectifier
- Schottky
- Shockley
- Step recovery
- Trigger
- Varactor
- Zener regulator
- Darlington
- Dual complementary
- HF/video
- High voltage
- Low noise
- Matched pairs
- SHF/microwave
- Small signal
- Unijunction
-Transmitter (E-O) modules
- laser
-Attenuator pads
-Bus termination networks
-Delay lines
- active (digital) programmable
- active (digital) tapped
-Filters, active
- analog switched capacitor
- frequency-voltage
- LVDT-digital
- voltage-frequency
-Current transmitter ICs
-Data acquisition system ICs
- linear motor
- power MOSFET
- relay
- solenoid
- stepper motor
-Electricity metering ICs
-Hall-effect devices
-IR remote control ICs
-IR sensor chips
-Motor control (DSP + memory)
-Motor speed controllers
-Power op amps
-Pressure transducer ICs
-Servo amplifiers/controllers
-Signal conditioners
-Smoke detector ICs
-Soft-start circuits
-Strain-guage conditioners
-Switch - solid-state (SSR)
- I/O switching
- intelligent power control
-Temperature transducer
-Features available
- A-D conversion
- Application specific designs
- Bus driver
- Cache
- Clock/calendar generator
- Counter(s)
- Customisable micro
- Display drivers (LCD, LED, VFT)
- DSP core
- Embeddable device
- Encryption/Decryption micros
- In-system flash programmable
- Interrupt priority/control
- Low voltage operation
- Memory expansion
- Modular core
- Motor control
- On-chip flash
- On-chip ROM/EPROM
- On-chip SRAM
- Pipelined memory interface
- Power management control
- Power save modes
- Power-on reset (POR)
- ROMless
- Security
- Sound generation
- Timer(s)
- Watchdog timer
-I/O features
- Analog
- Digital
- External bus
- High speed digital
- Parallel
- Serial
- 4-bit bus width
- 8-bit bus width
- 12/14/16-bit bus width
- 12-bit bus width
- 16/8-bit bus width
- 16-bit bus width
- 32-bit bus width
-Processor types
- Digital signal processors
- Compilers - Assembler
- Compilers - C,C++
- Compilers - Others
- Development system
- Evaluation boards
- In-circuit emulator
- Realtime kernel (executive)
- Source level debug
- System execution analyser
- Schottky barrier
- tunnel
- varactor
-Microwave ICs (MICs)
-Microwave transistors
- bipolar
- GaAs
- power
- small signal
-Display modules
- alphanumeric
- digital
- graphics
-Display screens
- LCD - colour
- LCD - monochrome
- LCD - prototyping kits
- LED/OLED displays
- plasma display (PDP)
-Flat panel computer screens
-Image sensors/arrays
- LED types
-IR detectors/emitters
-Light sensor ICs
-Custom ICs
- Cell-based ASICs
- Multicore cell-based ASICs (SOC)
- discrete PAL
- EEPLD (EEPROM-based)
- EPLD (EPROM-based)
-AC-DC converters (IC)
-DC-DC converters (IC)
-Drivers - power MOSFET
-Power factor preregulators
-Power regulators
- Phase control
-Power supervision
-PWM controllers
-Rectifier bridges
-Resonant-mode controllers
-Switchmode controllers
-Voltage regulators
- Adjustable
- Fixed
- Linear
- Switching
-Zero-crossing triggers
-Transient voltage suppressors
- Varistor (MOV)
- Zener
- General purpose
- Photo MOS (photovoltaic)
- Zero-crossing
-Current sensors
-EEPROM (electrically erasable)
-EPROM (UV erasable)
-FIFO registers
-Flash EPROM
-Flash memory cards
-Flash NAND
-IC memory cards
-NV SRAM (non-volatile)
-PROM (fuse programmable)
-SDRAM (synchronous)
-Serial EEPROM
-SIMM modules
-SRAM (static)
-Analog line interfaces
-Datacoms processing ICs
-Digital line interfaces
-Fax chipsets
-Interfacing ICs
-ISDN circuit ICs
-Modem ICs/set
-Telephone ICs/sets - Dialling circuits
-Telephone ICs/sets - Feature enhancement
-Telephone ICs/sets - Scrambling/encryption
Section - Power supplies & batteries
Section - Wireless systems & components
-Antenna systems
- Microwave antennas
-Filter modules
- Broadband
- Narrowband
- Dielectric resonator
- Phase locked
-Phase shifters (diode, ferrite)
-Antenna systems
-Cable assemblies
-Circulators, gyrators
-Connectors (microwave)
-DC blocks
-Delay lines
- Coaxial
-Dielectric resonators
- Coaxial cavity
- Dielectric resonators
-Phase shifters, line stretchers
-Power splitters/combiners
- Coaxial - manual
- Coaxial - relay
- Ferrite
- Coaxial
- Waveguide
-3G modules
-Analog signal processors
-Audio/digital codec
-Cordless telephone chipsets
-Digital baseband ICs
-FFSK modems
-Frequency synthesizer ICs
-Global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
-GSM modules
-Single-chip RF receivers/transmitters
-Tone detectors
News from EBV Electrolink:
Wireless MCUs for automotive and industrial
31 August 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, EBV Electrolink

New devices have been added to NXP Semiconductors’ KW3x family of wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). The new KW39/38/37 MCUs add Bluetooth 5.0 long-range capabilities and expanded Bluetooth advertising ...

30 June 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, EBV Electrolink

NXP Semiconductors announced its new MIFARE DESFire EV3 IC that ushers in next-generation performance, advanced security and seamless integration of mobile services for a new era of security and connectivity ...

Ultra-sensitive NIR image sensor
29 May 2020, Opto-Electronics, EBV Electrolink

ams recently introduced the CMOS Global Shutter Sensor (CGSS) near-infrared (NIR) image sensor, CGSS130, complementing its recently announced 3D system. The CGSS130 enables 3D optical sensing applications ...

USB-C PD 3.0 controllers
29 May 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, EBV Electrolink

ON Semiconductor has announced a pair of novel devices that are fully compliant with the USB-C PD 3.0 standard. The FAN6390 adaptive charging controller brings ease of integration of the USB-C PD 3.0 programmable ...

NXP streamlines development with Microsoft Azure RTOS
29 April 2020, Computer/Embedded Technology, EBV Electrolink

NXP Semiconductors expanded its partnership with Microsoft to bring Microsoft Azure RTOS, a comprehensive real-time operating system (RTOS), to a broader range of processing solutions from its EdgeVerse ...

ON Semi expands portfolio for industrial motor drives
29 April 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, EBV Electrolink

Motor drive systems are proliferating along with industrial automation and robotics. These systems require energy efficiency, precise measurement, accurate control, and high reliability within harsh industrial ...

Wireless MCUs for smart homes and buildings
29 April 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, EBV Electrolink

NXP Semiconductors introduced the K32W061/41, its new family of ultra-low-power, multiprotocol wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). The new devices complement the company’s recently introduced pin-compatible ...

NXP releases new digital key solution
25 March 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, EBV Electrolink

NXP Semiconductors announced a new automotive digital key solution that enables smartphones, key fobs and other mobile devices to securely communicate, store, authenticate and share digital keys with ...

New Wi-Fi 6 portfolio from NXP
25 March 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, EBV Electrolink

NXP Semiconductors announced the availability of a comprehensive Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) portfolio, which significantly expands the number of products and markets able to adopt the latest Wi-Fi standards. ...

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