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Eagle Technology

64 Canterbury Street, Cape Town

+27 21 423 4943
+27 21 424 4637

Cape Town

tel: +27 21 423 4943
fax: +27 21 424 4537

tel: +27 21 423 4943
fax: +27 21 424 4943
News from Eagle Technology:
Compact USB-based device measures and control processes
12 July 2006, Test & Measurement, Eagle Technology

The latest MicroDAQ offering from Eagle Technology has succeeded in bringing together all of the elements of a complex automation and control system, according to the company: temperature measurement ...

CCTV test monitor
July 2006, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Eagle Technology

The E-R337 is a handheld unit that combines a video monitor, pattern-generator, multimeter, PTZ controller/protocol analyser and UTP cable tester. It has an integrated 2,5" LCD video monitor; an integrated ...

IP-based test, measurement, control and automation
28 June 2006, Test & Measurement, Eagle Technology

Eagle Technology has introduced a new range of Ethernet IP-based MicroDAQ products. Complemented by its new EDRE Network Server extension package, the company says that its range of IP products usher ...

Power system for low voltage military, avionics, and space applications said to be most efficient
31 May 2006, Power Electronics / Power Management, Eagle Technology

A new power system, claimed to be the most efficient DC-DC distributed standard power solution available to satisfy the unique requirements of military, avionics, and space applications, is available ...

Opto isolation and reed relays for USB
9 February 2005, Computer/Embedded Technology, Eagle Technology

The latest additions to Eagle Technology's MicroDAQ product family are the 62, 63 and 69 products. These products add opto-isolated inputs and reed relay outputs to the company's already extensive range ...

16 channel PC/104+ multifunction A/D board
17 November 2004, Computer/Embedded Technology, Eagle Technology

The PC104PLUS-30C is the latest in PC/104PLUS data acquisition boards from Eagle Technology. The compact board features 16 analog input channels, 24 digital I/O channels and four analog outputs all on ...

Level measurement and control
August 2004, Level Measurement & Control, Eagle Technology

Eagle Technology produces a large range of low-cost PC-based data acquisition and control solutions for consumers who want to control processes in industrial and commercial environments, without having ...

Electronics & communications technology news:
Mouser learning programme explores power management
26 May 2021, Multimedia, Videos

Mouser Electronics has released the second instalment of the 2021 series of its award-winning Empowering Innovation Together programme and The Tech Between Us podcast. The series’ second episode, available ...

Bosch opens advanced silicon wafer fab
26 May 2021, News

Bosch has opened one of the world’s most modern silicon wafer fabrication plants (fabs) in Dresden, Germany. Production will start as early as July – six months earlier than planned. From that time on, ...

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