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Diel Met Systems

33 Estmil Road, Diep River, Cape Town

+27 21 715 1120

News from Diel Met Systems:
Is the supply chain broken?
30 April 2019, News, Editor's Choice, Electrocomp, Diel Met Systems, ExecuKit, NuVision Electronics, RF Design

The world’s insatiable demand for electronic goods has created a monster: a supply chain that spans the globe and relies on the entirety of our collective knowledge and experience in the pursuit of industry.

Electronics & communications technology news:
Clearing the Static: Safe storage and transportation of components
29 May 2020, News, Altico Static Control Solutions

During product transportation or storage, humidity can lead to excessive moisture inside of packaging, which can potentially damage electronic components by causing corrosion and mould-attack. Apart from ...

EMI/RFI shielding cable ties
29 May 2020, Interconnection, Actum Electronics

BAND-IT EMI cable ties have been designed and manufactured to excel in mission-critical applications, such as Mil/Aero EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/RF interference), for the past 30 years.  ...

DC-DC converters with 10-year warranty
29 May 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

Addressing a large range of demanding applications, the MGxx40 series is available in three input voltage ranges: 4,5 V to 13 V, 9 V to 36 V and 18 V to 76 V. A single-output version (MGFS40) is available ...

High-isolation converter for medical and industrial applications
29 May 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

Traco Power announced the release of the latest addition to its DC-DC converter range, the TRV 1M series. The TRV 1M is a series of 1 Watt DC-DC converters in a compact SIP-9 package with reinforced isolation ...

IGBT for 1500 V PV string inverters
29 May 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, Altron Arrow

The solar power market is undergoing a trend towards 1500 V solutions, which allow for more series connections, less cable, fewer generator connection boxes and fewer inverters. The new EasyPACK 3B ...

Power supplies for testing applications
29 May 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

With ITECH’s latest technology, the IT6500 series offers a full-featured, high-performance power test solution. With fast response, these DC power supplies provide users with a high level of power supply ...

Pasternack releases new antenna range
29 May 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RF Design

Pasternack has introduced a new line of GPS timing antennas, vehicular antennas and a 118-174 MHz tuneable, telescopic antenna to address mobile wireless, portable instrumentation and wireless monitoring ...

RF tuner module covering 2 to 6 MHz
29 May 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RFiber Solutions

Atlanta Micro’s AM9012 is a fully integrated mini-module comprised of MMIC and MCM devices that provide a complete high dynamic range miniature tuner module covering the 2 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. ...

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