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Electronics & communications technology news:
TI releases top five power design tools
27 July 2022, Design Automation, Altron Arrow

Texas Instruments has released an online resource combining the top five power design tools available to aid in the next electronic project design.

Galleon releases a rugged 100GbE recorder
27 July 2022, Computer/Embedded Technology, Rugged Interconnect Technologies

The XSR 100GbE recorder is the latest addition to Galleon Embedded Computing’s line-up of innovative military embedded solutions and is perfect for applications in unmanned systems, surveillance and reconnaissance.

AMD Xilinx online training: Vivaldo ML tools
27 July 2022, Computer/Embedded Technology, EBV Electrolink

The webinar will explore the features of SystemVerilog that are useful for RTL synthesis using Vivado ML Tools and how the RTL SystemVerilog language constructs have been optimised for productivity and reliability.

650 W fast recovery diodes
27 July 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management, RS Components (SA)

Rohm has released its 4th-generation 650 V fast recovery diodes (FRDs), balancing forward voltage and reverse-recovery time for high-power industrial and consumer equipment including air conditioners and electric vehicle charging stations.

New low-cost 60 W PSU
27 July 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management, Vepac Electronics

The new VCB60 series of 60 W PSUs from XP Power addresses the need for high-quality easy-to-use power solutions at attractive price points.

Miniature rotary switch series
27 July 2022, Switches, Relays & Keypads, Electrocomp

The high-quality miniature rotary switch series (MRSS) by TE Connectivity has a compact design which offers 50% lower profile than standard DIP switches.

What is an RF launch?
27 July 2022, Interconnection, Spectrum Concepts

As signal speeds increase, each part of the signal path getting to and from the device needs to work to higher frequencies, and strategies that worked in the past no longer suffice. A Samtec webinar will demystify this topic.

Connectivity for the future with new SIMCom modules
27 July 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Otto Wireless Solutions

With the global phasing out of 2G, SIMCom’s new low-cost 4G modules are looking to future-proof your designs by replacing the older 2G modules.

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