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Concilium Technologies

1 Stanford Office Park, 12 Bauhinia Street, Highveld Technopark, Centurion

+27 12 678 9200
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Iso Certification ISO 9001:2015; ISO/IEC 17025

Sale of: comprehensive range of new, refurbished or rental test and measurement products, from handheld to installed systems covering electronics, telecommunications and broadcast. Supplier-authorised repair, calibration, training, installation, commissioning and consulting for the products and systems supplied.

System integrator of: electronic test and measurement systems, telecommunications monitoring and management systems and broadcast solutions.

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Section - Additional services
Section - Components
-Cables - Multiconductor
- instrumentation, control
-Cables - coaxial
- flexible
- Optical fibre
-Coaxial cable connectors
- Between series adapters
-Optical fibre
- Single fibre
-Amplifiers (erbium-doped)
-Optical attenuators
-Receiver (O-E) modules
- microwave (GHz) signals
-Transmitter (E-O) modules
- instrumentation, sensor
- microwave (GHz) signals
- single channel
- telecom
-Attenuator pads
-Matching networks
- General purpose, control
- High frequency/coaxial
- General purpose
- I/O switching
Section - Computing technology
-Bus configurations
- IEEE 1394
- IEEE-488
- Other
- VMEbus
-Computer systems
- Desktop PC
- Embeddable PC, PC/104
- Industrial, ruggedised
- Notebook, laptop, pen
- Data storage - magnetic - RAID
-Systems boards, cards
- A/D, D/A converter
- Counter timer
- Data acquisition
- Data communication
- Digital signal processing
- I/O digital, analog
- IEEE-488,2
- Image processing
- Multimedia
- PC instruments
-Data acquisition
-Digital signal processing
-Graphical user interfaces
-Instrument control
-Networking analysis
- Troubleshooting
-Operating systems
- Other
- Unix
-Protocol analysis
-Remote control
-Signal analysis
-Signal processing
-Simulation software
-Virtual instrumentation
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-19" racking
-19" subrack systems
- Free standing
Section - Industrial electronics & equipment
- Electronic
-Laser-based equipment
- Temperature
-Signal conditioning
-Thermal imagers
Section - Power supplies & batteries
-Enclosed unit
- Application specific
- Milspec
- Pre-regulator
- Pre-set adjustment
- Tracking
- Universal input
-Multiple output
-Output range
- 0-5 V
- 5-50 V
- 50-500 V
- 500-5000 V
- 0-50 W
- 50-100 W
- 100-200 W
- 200 W+
- High current
- Crowbar
- Foldback current
- Fused
- Input surge
- Input-output isolation
- Output overvoltage
- Thermal cut-out
- Undervoltage lock-out
-Single output
-Battery analyser/tester
-Mains monitor/analyser
-10-turn controls
-Auto parallel
-Auto series
-Auto tracking
-Bench use
-Current limiting
-CV regulation
-CV/CC modes
-Digital meters
-Electronic load
-High current
-Master slave
- 0-5 V
- 500-5000 V
- 50-500 V
- 5-50 V
-Output-enable switch
-Rack/cubicle use
-Remote metering
-Remote programming
-Remote sensing
-Reverse power protection
-Sub-bench use
-Tamper-proof controls
-Voltage limiting
Section - Production services & equipment
-Equipment assembly
- Enclosure sourcing, production
- Testing - electrical, electronic
- Testing - electromagnetic compatibility
-Quality standards, compliance
- IEC EMC compliance testing
-Inspection & testing - automatic optical video
-Inspection & testing - electrical testing
-ATE (turnkey) systems
-Manufacturing defects analysers
-PCB inspection
- Automatic optical/video comparators
-PCB testing
- Assembled boards
- Boundary scan
- Sprung test probes
- Test fixtures (custom)
- Test software generation
-VXIbus test systems
Section - Test & maintenance
-Calibration instruments/sources
- Current AC,DC
- Frequency, time
- Optical fibre power
- Oscillators, precision
- Phase
- Reflectometer, RF
- Voltage ( AC, DC)
- Impedance, air-line
- Inductance
- Optical back reflection
- Power (HF, bolometer)
- Resistance
- Fibre
-Attenuators, precision
-Cable fault analysers
-Chromatic spectrum analysers
- E-O, O-E
-Filters (fixed, tunable)
-Light sources
- Fixed
- Tunable laser
-Loss test set
- Intensity
- Phase
-Optical component test
-Optical spectrum analyser
-Optical time domain reflectometer
-Optical visual fault finder
-Polarisation analysers
-Polarisation controllers
-Power meters
-Pulse generators
-Return loss monitors
-Switches, optical
-Wavelength meters
- Laboratory
-Arbitrary waveform generators
-Audio analysers
-Component measurements
- RLCDQ (group/single)
- Semiconductor curves
- Semiconductor parameters
-Data loggers/recorders
-FFT (dynamic signal analysers)
-Filters, tunable
-Frequency counters/timers
-Frequency response analysers
-Frequency synthesisers
-Function generators
-IEEE-488 bus system
-Impedance/gain-phase analysers
-Logic analysers
- Analyser/emulator combo
- State
- Timing
-Meter shunts, multipliers
-Modal analysis systems
-Multimeters, bench
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise generators
- A+D
- Digitising
- Mixed signal
-PC plug-in virtual instruments
-Power meters (wattmeters)
-Power supplies, bench
-Pulse generators
-Q meters
-Recorders, waveform (oscillographs)
-Signal generators
- Audio
- Data (bit pattern)
- HF
- Pseudo-random
- Pulse
- Sweep
-Spectrum analysers
-Test chambers
- Anechoic, RF
-Test leads, probes
-Vibration analysers
- AC (Av, rms, pk)
- Broadband
- DC
- Selective
-VXIbus systems/modules
- Measurement
-Antenna test systems
-Attenuators (coaxial, waveguide)
-Carrier phase-noise analysers
-Connectors, precision
-Directional coupler/reflectometer
-EMI/RFI test systems
-Frequency counters, UHF/SHF
-Frequency synthesisers
-Measuring receivers
-Modulation analysers
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise figure meters
-Noise sources
-Power meters
-Signal detectors
-Signal generators
-Signal sweep signals
-Slotted lines (coax, slab, W/G)
-Spectrum analysers
-Time-domain reflectometers
-Antenna testers
- RF power
- RF small signal
-Cellular radio network analysers
-Communication test sets
-Digital broadcast stream analyser
-Digital microwave analysers
-Direction finders
-Directional power/VSWR meters
-Distortion meters/analysers
-Dummy RF loads
-EMI/RFI test systems
-Field strength meters
-Frequency counters RF,CW, burst
-GSM cellphone testers
-IF-SHF spectrum analysers
-Measuring receivers
-Modulation analysers
-Noise test systems
-Peak power analysers
-Power meters, RF
-Radio code analysers
-Satcoms testgear
-Scalar network analysers
-Signal generators/synthesisers
- Sweep generators
-Signal generators/synthesizers
- AF
- Artificial voice
- Frequency agile
- Microwave mm-wave
- Modulation function
- Noise
- Pulse
- RF
-Sinad meters
-Spectrum analysers/monitors
-Standard field generators
-Wave analysers
-Cabling testers
- Cat 6/7
- Pair fault location
- Structured cable certifiers
- Time domain reflectometer (copper)
-Digital comms
- Analogue datacom testers
- Codec analysers
- Digital communication analysers
- Error detectors
- Error rate measurement
- ISDN interface monitor
- ISDN system test/analysis
- Multichannel data generators
- PCM (pulse code modulation) testers
- Protocol analysers
- Pulse pattern generators
- Signal analyser/frame analyser
- Signalling test sets
- Transmission impairment measurement (TIMS)
- xDSL system testers
-LAN testers
- Breakout boxes
- Cable media analysers (see also fibre-optic testers)
- Combination spectrum, network, impedance
- Network operation analysers
-Transmission measurements
- Cable crosstalk test sets
- Distortion analysers
- Level meters
- Line simulators
- Selective level meters (wave analysers)
- Transmission measuring sets (TMS)
-AC power/source analyser
-Battery testers/analysers
-Board testers
-Burst generator
-Bus analysers
-Clamp meters
-Cleaning requisites
-Combo DSO + spec.an. + logger+signal generator
-Component testers (RLCDQ)
-Current clamps
-EMC testers
-Functional testers
-High potential testers
-Humidity/temperature meters
-Insulation testers (M ohm-meters)
-Memory chip/board testers
-Oscilloscope & DMM combinations
-Oscilloscopes, service
-Power factor meters
-Power supply monitors/analysers
-Pulse/pattern generators
-Recorders, waveform
-Test leads
-Test probes
- DMM (HV, HF, CT, Temp)
- ICs, PCB
-Transistor, thyristor, diode testers
-Vibration monitors
-Video test equipment
- Colour analysers
- Colour coders, decoders
- Demodulators
- ITS generators
- Modulators
- Nicam testgear
- Pattern generators
- Vectorscopes
- Video generators
- Waveform monitors
-Waveform recorders
Section - Wireless systems & components
-Ancillary products & services
- Digital signalling translators
-Antenna systems
- Microwave antennas
- VHF antennas
-Point-to-point links
- Frequency planning
- Geographic positioning (GPS)
-Antenna systems
-Connectors (microwave)
-DC blocks
- Coaxial
- Waveguide
-Phase shifters, line stretchers
-Power splitters/combiners
- Coaxial - manual
- Coaxial - relay
- PIN diode
- Coaxial
- Waveguide
News from Concilium Technologies:
E-Mobility: navigate safety, interoperability and conformance
30 April 2024, Power Electronics / Power Management, Concilium Technologies

Although the concept of electric vehicles is not a new one, the market remains in its infancy, and is not well-regulated or fully operational. This presents a number of challenges for manufacturers throughout the EV and EVSE ecosystem.

E-mobility: Navigate safety, interoperability and conformance
29 February 2024, News, Concilium Technologies

In this whitepaper, these challenges are discussed in more detail and the question is asked: How can EV and EVSE manufacturers navigate a complex regulatory landscape and deliver a quality product, without compromising time-to-market projections?

Battery emulator and profiler
25 October 2023, Power Electronics / Power Management, Concilium Technologies

Keysight designed the E36731A battery emulator and profiler, and BV9211B advanced battery test and emulation software, to solve problems associated with battery run-down tests.

E-Mobility: navigate safety, interoperability and conformance
27 September 2023, Power Electronics / Power Management, Concilium Technologies

Although the concept of electric vehicles is not a new one, the market remains in its infancy, and is not well-regulated or fully operational. This presents several challenges for manufacturers throughout the EV and EVSE ecosystem.

Measuring over-the-air uplink interference
28 February 2023, Editor's Choice, Concilium Technologies

Cell phones are more prone to interference impairments since their transmission power (UL) is much lower than the base station one (DL). This means that any interfering signal in the uplink (UL), even ...

Five truths about AI-driven software testing
23 November 2022, Computer/Embedded Technology, AI & ML, Concilium Technologies

The hard truth about traditional software test automation is that it requires significant manual effort on the part of the tester.

Understanding the importance of maximum power point tracking efficiency for solar inverters
26 October 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management, Concilium Technologies

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is one of the most important tasks performed by a solar inverter. This uses a maximum power point tracking algorithm to seek out the maximum power point of the photovoltaic (PV) array power characteristic that is powering its input.

RF measurements in the field
28 September 2022, Test & Measurement, Concilium Technologies

This whitepaper presents a convenient way to perform real-time spectrum analysis, noise figure, over-the-air testing, and cable and antenna testing in the field.

Power device analyser
26 April 2022, Test & Measurement, Power Electronics / Power Management, Concilium Technologies

Keysight’s new PD1550A is an advanced double-pulse tester that enables customers to test entire power modules quickly and easily.

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