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11250, Anvil Road, Robertville, Florida

+27 11 473 2149
+27 60 570 2377

Sale of: solutions to the electronics manufacturing sector. Soldering materials such as solder paste, flux, solder bar, solder wire, cleaners and a comprehensive range of SMT equipment along with consumables. Founding pillars have been technical support, training and technology transfer.

Installer of: ASM assembly solutions, AOI inspection, X-ray installation, DEK printer solutions.


tel: +27 66 300 7982
Arumugam, Thevin
Managing Director
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Magic Ray
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SJ Innotech
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Section - Production services & equipment
-Assembly line furniture
- Conveyors, production line
- Magazine loaders/unloaders
- Static protection - anti-static liquid
- Static protection - clothing
- Static protection - heel grounders
- Static protection - ionisers
- Static protection - warning signs/labels
- Static protection - work surfaces
- Static protection - wrist bands
-Board loading
- Assembly jigs & fixtures
- Assembly station magnifying viewers
- Automatic small parts feeders
- Lead cropping & clinching
- SMD placement machines - automatic entry-level
- SMD placement machines - high volume
- SMD placement machines - manual/semi-automatic
- SMD placement machines - medium volume
- Through-hole component insertion machines
-Board preparation
- Screen printing frames
- Screen printing machines
-Cleaning machines
- Aqueous
- Solvent
- Squeegee blades
- Ultrasonic
-Component preparation
- Tape & reel equipment
- Conformal coating/curing
- Depanelling - mechanical
-Solder fume extractors
-Soldering/rework stations
- Solder pots, baths
- Soldering machines - wave
- Spray fluxers
- board carriers, racks
- Sorting & storage bins
-Test equipment
- Surface resistivity meters
- Soldering, reworking
Section - Test & maintenance
- Anti-static coating
- Cleaning, degreasing
-Desoldering braid
News from Priben:
South African EMS provider expands capacity with ASM solution
28 July 2021, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Priben, Jemstech

South African EMS specialist, Jemstech, has expanded its SMT capacities with two of ASM’s SIPLACE SX2 placement machines forming a separate production line for high-mix applications. The result is maximised ...

Electronics & communications technology news:
TUKS campus taken over by robots!
30 May 2022, News

Students are required to build autonomous robotic vehicles with a sensor system to detect specific colours on a multi-coloured track.

Quectel launches a high-performance single-band GNSS module
30 May 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, iCorp Technologies

The LC76G GNSS positioning module features fast and accurate position location performance as well as ultra-low power consumption.

Power amplifier operates from 17,3 to 21,2 GHz
30 May 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RF Design

The new QPA1724 power amplifier from Qorvo delivers a saturated output power of 20 W over the full frequency range.

Directional coupler has a frequency range from 0,6 to 40 GHz
30 May 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RF Design

The CE10-0R640 coupler from Marki Microwave is a 10 dB broadband directional coupler with directivity of 22 dB and insertion loss less than 2,3 dB.

Thinner pattern coils set to revolutionise wireless charging
30 May 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management, Electrocomp

TDK developed the 0,76 mm thick charging coils using a unique pattern coil technology without employing conventional lithographic exposure and etching techniques.

8-bit MCU development board provides onboard 5G
30 May 2022, DSP, Micros & Memory, Altron Arrow

The AVR-IoT Cellular Mini development board is the latest from Microchip and gives developers an easy blueprint for building IoT devices that connect via 5G.

World’s fastest 16-bit arbitrary waveform generator
30 May 2022, Test & Measurement, Vepac Electronics

The ARB Rider AWG-5000 has a 6,16 GS/s real-time update rate with a 16-bit vertical resolution and is available in two, four or eight channel models.

Infineon releases new high-efficiency buck regulator module
30 May 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management, EBV Electrolink

This new buck regulator module has a 3 A single output with integrated inductor and offers high-efficiency load regulation in a compact package.

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