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118 Bavaria Road, Louwlardia, Centurion

+27 12 349 2492
+27 12 661 3408

Iso Certification ISO 9001:2015

Sale of: the company's business as a turnkey electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider is to partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to accurately manufacture their electronic products with reliability and punctuality.

Manufacture of: turnkey capabilities include design-for-manufacturability, PCB layout and design inputs, surface mount pick-and-place, through-hole technology, fine-pitch BGAs, printed electronics, system assembly and integration, flex circuits, conformal coating, soldering, hand assembly and box builds. Value-added services include supply chain management, inventory control, material and component purchasing.

Jansen, Gerrie
Klopper, Jacques
Section - Components
- chip format
- chip format
- tantalum
-Film (foil/metallised)
- chip format
- paralene
- polycarbonate
- polyester
- polypropylene
- polystyrene
- polysulfone
- teflon
-RFI suppression
-Clock oscillators/dividers
-Comparators (digital)
- ADCs
- DACs
-Data acquisition systems ICs
-Display drivers/controllers
-DSP functions
-Interface ICs
-Line drivers/receivers
-Microcomputer chipsets
-Translators (TTL-CMOS-ECL)
- frequency-voltage
- voltage-frequency
-Current transmitter ICs
-Data acquisition system ICs
- power MOSFET
- relay
- solenoid
-Features available
- DSP core
- Fully integrated MCU module
- In-system flash programmable
- Low voltage operation
- Memory expansion
- Modular core
- On-chip flash
- On-chip ROM/EPROM
- On-chip SRAM
-I/O features
- Analog
- Digital
- External bus
- High speed digital
- Parallel
- Serial
- 4-bit bus width
- 8-bit bus width
- 12/14/16-bit bus width
- 12-bit bus width
- 16/8-bit bus width
- 16-bit bus width
- 32-bit bus width
- 64-bit bus width
-AC-DC converters (IC)
-DC-DC converters (IC)
-Drivers - power MOSFET
-Voltage regulators
- Adjustable
- Fixed
- Linear
- Switching
-Ceramic, bulk
-Current sensors
- Carbon
- Metal film
- Metal oxide
- >10 W
- 2-5 W
- 5-10 W
-Surface mount
- Chip
-Voltage divider
-DRAM (dynamic)
-EEPROM (electrically erasable)
-EPROM (UV erasable)
-FIFO registers
-Flash EPROM
-IC memory cards
-Memory programmers
-Parallel EEPROM
-PROM (fuse programmable)
-ROM (mask programmable)
-SDRAM (synchronous)
-Serial EEPROM
-SIMM modules
-SRAM (static)
Section - Production services & equipment
-Equipment assembly
- Sub-assembly prod - electrical, electronic
- Testing - electrical, electronic
-PCB assembly services
- Board modification
- Component preparation
- Conformal coating
- Depanelling
- Double-sided THT + SMT board assembly
- Functional testing
- PCB, component sourcing
- SMT board assembly
- Through-hole board assembly
-Production quantities
- Preproduction (5-50)
- Production (10-500)
- Prototypes (1-10)
- Volume (150 up)
-Quality standards, compliance
-Production quantities
- Preproduction (5-50)
- Production (10-500)
- Prototypes (1-10)
- Volume (150 up)
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