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Helukabel SA

1052 Schooner Avenue, Laser Park, Honeydew

+27 11 462 8752
+27 11 462 8638
+27 83 600 1221

Sale of: extensive range of cables and wires. The range caters for many applications and nearly every purpose - available directly ex warehouse. The company's comprehensive stock assortment with over 33 000 products lets it cover customers' needs with short delivery times.

Manufacture of: flexible control cables, data and computer cables, drag chain cable, servo, feedback, motor cable, heat resistant, rubber, trailing, robot, water resistant cables, chemical/oil resistant, flat ribbon cable, single conductors, coaxial cable, installation cable, spiral cables, telephone, fire warning.

Cape Town

tel: +27 82 480 5451

tel: +27 81 577 7375
Chagan, Habib
Operations Manager
Gunnewegh, Doug
Managing Director
Gunnewegh, Natasha
Financial Manager
Phiri, Emmanuel
van Dyk, Hardus
Sales Manager
Consortium Cables
Cape Town
tel: +27 21 534 2853
fax: +27 86 530 5380
Cosmo Tronics
Port Elizabeth
tel: +27 41 451 3343
fax: +27 41 451 3433
Cape Town
tel: +27 21 788 5282
fax: +27 21 788 5289
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Section - Components
-Cables - Multiconductor
- computer, LAN
- instrumentation, control
- multipair
- shielded individual/overall
- telephone
- temperature extremes
-Cables - coaxial
- flexible
- high temperature
- miniature
- rigid
- semi-rigid
- twin-axial
-Cables - flat
- antenna feed
- printed, ribbon
- woven
- Audio/stereo
- Computer
- Harnesses
- High voltage
- Medical
- Microphone
- Optical fibre
- Power
- Retractile
- Thermocouple
-Installation accessories
- Glands, grommets
- Marking systems
- Mounting clips, clamps
- Shrink tubing
- Strain reliefs
- Ties
- Zip tubing
- Copper braid
- Hook-up
- Litz
- Nickel
- Tinsel
- Wrapping wire
- High density (<2 mm)
- IDC discrete wire
- Mass terminated (IDC) ribbon
- Milspec
- Receptacles and headers
- Surface mount
-Cable-to-cable/panel - Circular
- audio, video
- milspec
- modular insert
- power
- professional
-Cable-to-cable/panel - D-Subminiature
- accessories
- high density
- microminiature
- standard
-Cable-to-cable/panel - rectangular
- high density
- hybrid (mixed contact)
- milspec
- power
-Coaxial cable connectors
- Between series adapters
- BNC/TNC Series
- C Series
- Milspec
- Miniature (semi-rigid)
- N Series
- SHV (safe HV) Series
- SMA/SMB/SMC Series
- Std/miniature UHF
- Triaxial
- Twinaxial
-Connector support
- Cable assembly service
- Cable preparation tooling
- Database available
- Termination tooling
-Optical fibre
- Fibre bundle
- Hybrid (fibre + copper)
- Single fibre
-Special applications
- Automotive
- Avionics
- Flameproof
- Harsh environment
- High current
- High temperature
- High voltage
- Shielded
- Thermocouple
- Underwater
- Vehicle
-Optical fibres
- glass (multi/single-mode)
- plastic
-Plugs and jacks
- Banana plugs and receptacles
- Jumpers, PCB
- Pin headers and sockets
- Plug and jack sets - coaxial
- Plug and jack sets - microphone
- Plug and jack sets - modular interconnection
- Plug and jack sets - phono, stereo
- Plug and jack sets - telephone
- Plug and patch cords
- Power plugs and receptacles
- RCA plugs and receptacles
- Test clips
- Test plugs and jacks
- Thermocouple plugs and jacks
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-19" subrack systems
-Box enclosures
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Portable
- Screw-down
- Wall-mounted
- Handheld instrument
- Industrial environments
- Instrument
-CNC machining
-EMC management
- Shielding enclosures
News from Helukabel SA:
Automation, the way to go
August 2017, IT infrastructure, Products, Helukabel SA

Automation cable systems require precision manufacture that not only ensures the total integrity of information relayed and current transported, but are also durable and reliable.

Specifying quality cables saves lives
June 2017, IT infrastructure, Products, Helukabel SA

When buying cables for mission-critical applications such as security, fire and CCTV video transmission, installers should make their cabling choice as if their own life depends on it.

Fit-for-purpose solar cables
May 2017, IT infrastructure, Products, Helukabel SA

Helukabel’s Solarflex-X PV1-F solution for the solar industry is able to withstand the harsh environments of solar plants exceeds TÜV, CE, Rohs and VDE quality certifications to ensure longevity.

Fit-for-purpose solar cables
19 April 2017, Interconnection, Helukabel SA

Specialist cable manufacturer, Helukabel, has invested considerable resources in the development of a comprehensive range of cables and accessories exclusively for solar energy applications. This has ...

Control cables with numbered cores
22 March 2017, Interconnection, Helukabel SA

Equipment and machinery installations using the latest cabling technologies from Helukabel can contribute to the ease of installation and overall success of a project. A good example of this is the company’s ...

Control cables with numbered cores
February 2017, IT infrastructure, Products, Helukabel SA

Equipment and machinery installations using the latest cabling ­technologies can contribute significantly to the ease of installation and overall success of a project.

How to tell category data cables apart
31 January 2017, Interconnection, Helukabel SA

Customers often ask about data cable categories and what they mean. For many end users, engineers and purchasing agents, who don’t work with these types of cables on a daily basis, the different categories ...

Advanced fire-rated cables
September 2015, Fire & Safety, Products, Helukabel SA

Advanced cables with the ability to maintain their integrity for up to two hours in fire condition have been introduced locally for fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems.

Servo cable carries power and signals
25 February 2015, Interconnection, Helukabel SA

Helukabel has developed a hybrid cable that simplifies the operation and movement of drives by allowing both power and data to be transmitted via a single cable. The polyurethane-jacketed Topserv Hybrid ...

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