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Mateq Systems

7 Ermelo Street, Wierda Park Ext. 2, Centurion

+27 12 665 1770

Sale of: innovative design, development and support solutions to customers. This includes all activities from concept phase to delivering the final product, with specific expertise in test, control and automation solutions. Sale of National Instruments equipment and software, JTAG boundary scan systems and test systems.

Manufacture of: products and systems according to client requirements. This includes control and automation systems, complete test systems, test jigs, harnesses and multiplexers.

Installer of: turnkey solutions at customer premises and provision of value-added services such as training and support.

System integrator of: software and hardware solutions for test, data acquisition, control and automation. Solutions are based mainly on National Instruments equipment, JTAG boundary scan, MultiMac or any other equipment required to provide the best solution.

JTAG Technologies
(Sole Agency)
National Instruments
(Sub Agency, System Integrator)
Section - Additional services
-Education & training
-Services, contracting & sub-contracting
Section - Computing technology
-Bus configurations
-Computer systems
- Custom design
- Desktop PC
- Embeddable PC, PC/104
- Industrial, ruggedised
-Systems boards, cards
- A/D, D/A converter
- Counter timer
- Data acquisition
- Data communication
- Digital signal processing
- I/O digital, analog
- Interfaces, synch/asynch
- PC instruments
- Relay
- Signal conditioning
-Data acquisition
-Digital signal processing
-Graphical user interfaces
-Image processing
-Instrument control
-Maintenance management
-PLC programming
-Process control
-Protocol analysis
-Protocol conversion
-Remote access
-Remote control
-Scada systems
-Signal analysis
-Signal processing
-Simulation software
-Software routine libraries
-Terminal emulation
-Virtual instrumentation
Section - Electronic design automation
- Digital timing
- Reliability
- Signal
- Statistical
- Transient
-Circuit/system design
- Analog circuitry
- Digital circuitry
- Digital filters
- SOC IP cores - DSP
- SOC IP cores - filters
- SOC IP cores - FPGA
- SOC IP cores - MCU
- SOC IP cores - PLD
-Circuit/system simulation
- FPGA systems
- Test pattern generation
-Electronic product development service
- Bureau services - PCB design
-PCB design
- Artwork conversion
- Autoplacement
- Autorouting
- CAM outputs
- Footprint libraries
- Schematic capture
- Circuit draughting
- Design bureau
- Logic synthesis
- Symbol libraries
- VHDL synthesis
- Wire/harness design
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-19" racking
-19" subrack systems
-Box enclosures
- Metal construction
- Portable
- Screw-down
- Wall-mounted
- Free standing
- Wall-mounted
- 19" system
- Benchtop
- Card cages
- Computer
- Computer screen/display
- Industrial environments
- Instrument
- Metal construction
-CNC machining
-Desks, consoles, workstations
-Enclosure hardware
- Backplanes
- Bezels, windows
- Card guides, retainers
- Card inserters, extractors
- Chassis tracks/slides
- Ejectors
Section - Industrial electronics & equipment
-CAN control systems
-Controllers, embeddable
-Machine vision systems
-Motion controllers
-Motors (low power)
- Brushless
- DC
- Servo
- Stepper
-Panel meters
- Digital
- Programmable
-Programmable controllers (PLCs)
- Acceleration
- Angular displacement
- Angular velocity
- Current
- Hall-effect
- Humidity
- Infrared
- Limit
- Linear displacement
- Linear velocity
- Load
- Magnetic
- Position encoders
- Pressure
- Proximity
- Strain
- Temperature
- Ultrasonic
- Vibration
-Signal conditioning
-Stepper system components
Section - Power supplies & batteries
-AC-DC converter
-DC-DC converter
-Encapsulated PCB-mounting
-Enclosed unit
- Application specific
- Custom-built
- EMI filtered
- Power factor correction
-Multiple output
-Output range
- 0-5 V
- 5-50 V
- 0-50 W
- 50-100 W
- 100-200 W
- 200 W+
- High current
- Foldback current
- Fused
- Input surge
- Input-output isolation
- Output overvoltage
- Thermal cut-out
- Undervoltage lock-out
-Single output
-Battery analyser/tester
-Battery chargers
-Battery management system
-Microprocessor power supervision
-Photovoltaic module
-Solar power supply unit
-Standby power supply
-State-of-charge indicator
-Current limiting
-CV regulation
-CV/CC modes
-Digital meters
-Electronic load
-High current
-Master slave
- 0-5 V
- 50-500 V
- 5-50 V
-Output-enable switch
-Rack/cubicle use
-Remote metering
-Remote programming
-Remote sensing
-Reverse power protection
-Sub-bench use
-Voltage limiting
Section - Production services & equipment
-Equipment assembly
- Cabinet wiring
- Documentation - drawings
- Enclosure sourcing, production
- Sub-assembly prod - electrical, electronic
- Sub-assembly prod - electro-mechanical
- Testing - electrical, electronic
- Testing - environmental (heat, humidity etc)
- Wire harness production
- Wire wrapping
-PCB assembly services
- Board modification
- Component potting
- Component preparation
- Component selection
- Conformal coating
- Double-sided THT + SMT board assembly
- Functional testing
- Through-hole board assembly
-Production quantities
- Prototypes (1-10)
- Samples (1-3)
-ATE (turnkey) systems
-Bit temperature
-Burn-in systems
-Components inward testers
-Manufacturing defects analysers
-PCB testing
- Assembled boards
- Bare board (electrical)
- Boundary scan
- Sprung test probes
- Test fixtures (custom)
- Test software generation
-Test chambers (environmental)
-VXIbus test systems
-Wiring analysers/harness testers
Section - Test & maintenance
-Arbitrary waveform generators
-Cameras, oscilloscope
-Component measurements
- RLCDQ (group/single)
- Semiconductor curves
- Semiconductor parameters
-Data loggers/recorders
-FFT (dynamic signal analysers)
-Frequency counters/timers
-Frequency response analysers
-Function generators
-Impedance/gain-phase analysers
-Logic analysers
- Analyser/emulator combo
- State
- Timing
-PC plug-in virtual instruments
-Power supplies, bench
-Pulse generators
-Signal generators
- Audio
- Pulse
- Sweep
-Spectrum analysers
- AC (Av, rms, pk)
- Broadband
- DC
-Antenna testers
-Communication test sets
-AC power/source analyser
-Battery testers/analysers
-Board testers
-Cable/harness testers
-Functional testers
-IC testers (in/out of circuit)
-Memory chip/board testers
-Phase rotation testers
-Power supply monitors/analysers
-Pulse/pattern generators
-Recorders, waveform
-Schematics of unknown boards
-Servo/synchro testers
-Transistor, thyristor, diode testers
-Waveform recorders
News from Mateq Systems:
Mateq’s expansion driven by more diverse offerings
18 May 2016, News, Mateq Systems

Mateq Systems has expanded its business offering over the past three years beyond providing its own generic MultiMac solution and into developing solutions based on National Instrument’s PXI hardware using Labview and TestStand.

Custom vs. generic test solutions
17 September 2014, Test & Measurement, Mateq Systems

As test and measurement technology has advanced to keep pace with the evolution of the electronics industry itself, the test setups used by engineers and technicians have become almost as varied as the ...

Mateq Systems company profile
20 July 2011, News, Test & Measurement, Mateq Systems

By continuously concentrating on keeping its business model simple, Mateq has managed to build its success on a relatively small staff complement

Electronics & communications technology news:
TUKS campus taken over by robots!
30 May 2022, News

Students are required to build autonomous robotic vehicles with a sensor system to detect specific colours on a multi-coloured track.

Quectel launches a high-performance single-band GNSS module
30 May 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, iCorp Technologies

The LC76G GNSS positioning module features fast and accurate position location performance as well as ultra-low power consumption.

Power amplifier operates from 17,3 to 21,2 GHz
30 May 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RF Design

The new QPA1724 power amplifier from Qorvo delivers a saturated output power of 20 W over the full frequency range.

Directional coupler has a frequency range from 0,6 to 40 GHz
30 May 2022, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, RF Design

The CE10-0R640 coupler from Marki Microwave is a 10 dB broadband directional coupler with directivity of 22 dB and insertion loss less than 2,3 dB.

Thinner pattern coils set to revolutionise wireless charging
30 May 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management, Electrocomp

TDK developed the 0,76 mm thick charging coils using a unique pattern coil technology without employing conventional lithographic exposure and etching techniques.

8-bit MCU development board provides onboard 5G
30 May 2022, DSP, Micros & Memory, Altron Arrow

The AVR-IoT Cellular Mini development board is the latest from Microchip and gives developers an easy blueprint for building IoT devices that connect via 5G.

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