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Sale of: IoT devices and modules, RF and microwave filters, components, absorber products, RF over fibre converters, fibre delay lines, industrial encased and DIN-rail power supplies, industrial and military-grade DC-DC converters and filters, military grade radio batteries.

Cape Town

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AJ's Power
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Apollo Microwave
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CP Cases
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Dadi Telecom
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Excelsys Technologies
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Frankonia EMC
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Hengfu Power
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Itech Electronics
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Logus Microwave
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Maynuo Electronics
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Mini Circuits
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MVG Microwave
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Ophir RF
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Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI)
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Teledyne Defence
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Teledyne Labtech
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Traco Power
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Ultralife Batteries
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Voltage Multipliers
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WT Microwave
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Section - Components
- isolation
- log/antilog
- programmable
- sample and hold
- sense
- track and hold
- voltage controlled
- wideband
-Analogue switches
- diode
- transistor
-Consumer ICs
- radio
-Function/waveform generators
-Phase locked loop (PLL)
-Special functions
-Cables - Multiconductor
- computer, LAN
-Cables - coaxial
- flexible
- miniature
- rigid
- semi-rigid
-Cables - flat
- antenna feed
- Harnesses
- Optical fibre
-Installation accessories
- Shrink tubing
- Spiral wrap
- Ties
-Coaxial cable connectors
- Between series adapters
- BNC/TNC Series
- C Series
- Milspec
- Miniature (semi-rigid)
- N Series
- SHV (safe HV) Series
- SMA/SMB/SMC Series
- Std/miniature UHF
- Triaxial
- Twinaxial
-Connector support
- Cable assembly service
-Optical fibre
- Fibre bundle
- Hybrid (fibre + copper)
- Single fibre
-Special applications
- Avionics
- EMI-filtered
- Shielded
-Clock oscillators/dividers
-Delay line elements
-Transceiver devices
-Translators (TTL-CMOS-ECL)
-Amplifier tubes
- high-frequency
- power
- small-signal
- transmitting
- Gunn
- Noise source
- Point contact
-Electron tubes
- HV rectifiers
- Ignitrons
- Klystrons
- X-ray tubes
- Si-bipolar
- Darlington
- Dual complementary
- GTO thyristors
- Low noise
- Matched pairs
- SHF/microwave
- Small signal
- Unijunction
-Amplifiers (erbium-doped)
-Bandpass filters (optical)
-Beam expanders
-Couplers WDM
-Optical attenuators
-Optical fibres
- glass (multi/single-mode)
- plastic
-Phase compensators
-Receiver (O-E) modules
- microwave (GHz) signals
- single channel
- telecom
-Transmitter (E-O) modules
- microwave (GHz) signals
- telecom
-Attenuator pads
-Bus termination networks
-Delay lines
- active (digital) programmable
- active (digital) tapped
- fixed
- passive
- ultrasonic
- variable
- video
-EMI/RFI suppression filters
- power line
- signal line
- delay
- phase
-Filters, active
- analogue continuous
- analogue switched capacitor
- digital (FIR)
- digital programmable
-Filters, passive
- crystal
- dataline
- feed-through plate
- LC
- piezo-ceramic
-Matching networks
-RC networks
- HF suppressor chokes
- High frequency (RF,IF,etc)
- Moulded RF chokes
- Power filter chokes
- SMD chips
- SMPS inductors
- Ultrathin
- Variable (tuning)
-Transformers - power
- Switchmode (DC-DC)
-Transformers - signal
- Balance-unbalance (balun)
- Buck-boost, HF
- IF
- Telecom specialised
- frequency-voltage
- resolver
- synchro
- voltage-frequency
- power MOSFET
-Features available
- 3 Ph Waveform Generation
- Gunn
- Schottky barrier
- tunnel
- varactor
-Electron tube devices
- Backward wave oscillators
- Cross-field amplifiers
- Magnetrons
- TWTs
-Microwave ICs (MICs)
-Microwave transistors
- bipolar
- GaAs
- power
- small signal
-Clips, alligators, battery
-Clock crystals
-Frequency control elements
- oscillator modules
- piezo-ceramic
- quartz crystals
- SAW resonators
-Thermal management components
- thermal mounting pads
-Integrated circuit sockets
- Low profile
- Surface mount
- Test sockets
-Plugs and jacks
- Plug and jack sets - coaxial
- Test plugs and jacks
-AC-DC converters (IC)
-DC-DC converters (IC)
-Drivers - power MOSFET
-Power factor preregulators
-Rectifier bridges
-Resonant-mode controllers
-Switchmode controllers
-Voltage regulators
- Adjustable
- Fixed
- Linear
- Switching
-ARAM (audio)
-Cache/tag RAM
-CAM (contact addressable)
-Character generators
-DRAM (dynamic)
-EEPROM (electrically erasable)
-EPROM (UV erasable)
-FIFO registers
-Flash EPROM
-Flash memory cards
-Flash NAND
-FRAM (ferroelectric)
-IC memory cards
-Memory programmers
-NV SRAM (non-volatile)
-Parallel EEPROM
-PROM (fuse programmable)
-ROM (mask programmable)
-SDRAM (synchronous)
-Serial EEPROM
-SIMM modules
-SRAM (static)
-UV erasers
-VRAM (video)
-Analogue line interfaces
-Datacoms processing ICs
-Digital line interfaces
-Interfacing ICs
-ISDN circuit ICs
-Modem ICs/set
-Networking function chips
Section - Electronic design automation
-Circuit/system design
- Microwave circuitry
-Circuit/system simulation
- Microwave
- Mixed mode
- Test pattern generation
-Hardware modelling
- Integrated circuits
Section - Enclosures & packaging hardware
-19" racking
-19" subrack systems
-Box enclosures
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Portable
- 19" system
- Benchtop
- Card cages
- Handheld instrument
- Industrial environments
- Instrument
- Metal construction
- Plastic construction
- Portable
- Transport/transit
-EMC management
- Conductive coatings
- Magnetic shielding materials
- Shielding enclosures
- Shielding gaskets, fingers
- Shielding laminates
-Enclosure hardware
- Backplanes
- Card guides, retainers
- Card inserters, extractors
- Chassis tracks/slides
- Ejectors
- Handles
- Vibration, shock mounts
Section - Power supplies & batteries
- Alkaline
- Carbon zinc
- Lithium
- Manganese
-Secondary (rechargeable)
- Alkaline
- Lithium polymer
- Lithium-ion
-AC-DC converter
-Card frame (Euro)
-DC-DC converter
-Encapsulated PCB-mounting
-Enclosed unit
- Application specific
- Custom-built
- EMI filtered
- Milspec
- Power factor correction
- Pre-regulator
- Pre-set adjustment
- Tracking
- Universal input
-Multiple output
-Output range
- 0-5 V
- 5-50 V
- 50-500 V
- 500-5000 V
- 0-50 W
- 50-100 W
- 100-200 W
- 200 W+
- High current
- Fused
- Input surge
- Input-output isolation
- Output overvoltage
- Thermal cut-out
-Single output
-Battery analyser/tester
-Battery chargers
-Battery management system
-Battery packs
-Frequency converter
-Heavy duty battery
-Mains voltage conditioner
-Solar power supply unit
-Standby power supply
-Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
-Bench use
-Current limiting
-Digital meters
-Electronic load
-High current
-Master slave
- 0-5 V
- 500-5000 V
- 50-500 V
- 5-50 V
-Output-enable switch
-Rack/cubicle use
-Remote metering
-Remote programming
-Remote sensing
-Reverse power protection
-Sub-bench use
-Voltage limiting
Section - Production services & equipment
-Double-sided THP
-Edge profiling - CNC-routed
-Edge profiling - guillotined
-Heatsinks - internal, external
-Panel scoring
-Production quantities
- Preproduction (5-50)
- Production (10-500)
- Prototypes (1-10)
- Samples (1-3)
- Volume (150 up)
-Quality standards, compliance
- BS
- UL
Section - Test & maintenance
-Auxiliary instruments
- Frequency dividers
- Standard frequency receivers
-Calibration instruments/sources
- Buffer amplifiers
- Charge
- Current AC,DC
- Frequency, time
- Oscillators, precision
- Power, energy
- Reflectometer, RF
- Voltage ( AC, DC)
- Frequency
- Noise
-Attenuators, precision
-Cable fault analysers
-Chromatic spectrum analysers
-Filters (fixed, tunable)
- Laboratory
-Arbitrary waveform generators
-Cameras, oscilloscope
-Data loggers/recorders
-Delay lines
-Filters, tunable
-Frequency counters/timers
-Frequency response analysers
-Frequency synthesisers
-Function generators
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise generators
- A+D
- Analogue
- Digitising
- Mixed signal
-PC plug-in virtual instruments
-Power meters (wattmeters)
-Power supplies, bench
-Pulse generators
-Signal generators
- HF
- Pulse
- Sweep
-Spectrum analysers
-Test chambers
- Anechoic, RF
- Screened
-Test leads, probes
- Measurement
-Antenna test systems
-Attenuators (coaxial, waveguide)
-Connectors, precision
-Directional coupler/reflectometer
-EMI/RFI test systems
-Frequency counters, UHF/SHF
-Frequency synthesisers
-Network analysers
- Scalar
- Vector
-Noise figure meters
-Noise sources
-Power meters
-Signal detectors
-Signal generators
-Signal sweep signals
-Spectrum analysers
-Antenna testers
- RF power
- RF small signal
-Direction finders
-Directional power/VSWR meters
-Dummy RF loads
-EMI/RFI test systems
-Field strength meters
-Frequency counters RF,CW, burst
-IF-SHF spectrum analysers
-Noise test systems
-Power meters, RF
-Scalar network analysers
-Signal generators/synthesisers
- Sweep generators
-Signal generators/synthesizers
- AF
- Artificial voice
- Frequency agile
- Microwave mm-wave
- Modulation function
- Noise
- Pulse
- RF
-Spectrum analysers/monitors
-Wave analysers
-AC power/source analyser
-Battery testers/analysers
-EMC testers
-Oscilloscope & DMM combinations
-Oscilloscopes, service
-Power factor meters
-Power supply monitors/analysers
-Radiation monitors/detectors
-Recorders, waveform
-Test leads
-Test probes
- DMM (HV, HF, CT, Temp)
Section - Wireless systems & components
-Ancillary products & services
- Battery packs/chargers
- Crystals
-Antenna systems
- Base station duplexers
- Cavity filters
- HF Tx/Rx antennas
- Lightning protection
- Masts/towers
- Microwave antennas
- Mobile radio antennas
- Receiver multicouplers
- Steerable satellite antennas
- Transmitter combiners
- VHF antennas
-Point-to-point links
- Frequency planning
- Geographic positioning (GPS)
- HF receivers
- HF transmitters
- VHF/UHF/SHF multiplex
- Wireless modules/systems (telemetry)
-Portable/mobile two-way radio
- Avionics
- Base Tx/Rx VHF/UHF
- Cellular radio
- GPS receivers
- Mine/tunnel communication
- Mobile Tx/Rx VHF/UHF
- Portable Tx/Rx VHF/UHF
- Repeater VHF/UHF
- IF
- Isolation
- Low noise
- Power
- Wideband
- PIN diode
- Voltage variable
-Converters (up, down)
-Filter modules
- Broadband
- Narrowband
- Voltage tunable
-Frequency translators
-Multipliers (frequency)
- Dielectric resonator
- Gunn/Impatt diode
- Phase locked
- Power
- Varactor-tuned
- YIG-tuned
-Phase shifters (diode, ferrite)
-Antenna systems
-Cable assemblies
-Circulators, gyrators
-Connectors (microwave)
-DC blocks
-Delay lines
- Coaxial
-Dielectric resonators
- Coaxial cavity
- Dielectric resonators
- Interdigital/combline
- Lumped LC
- Tunable
- Waveguide
- Coaxial
- Strip line
- Waveguide
-Phase shifters, line stretchers
-Power splitters/combiners
-Pulse transformers
-Semirigid micro coax
-Spark gaps
- Coaxial - manual
- Coaxial - relay
- Ferrite
- Matrix
- PIN diode
- Coaxial
- Waveguide
-YIG devices
-3G modules
-4G/LTE modules
-Analogue filter ICs
-Analogue signal processors
-ANI encoder ICs
-Digital baseband ICs
-FFSK modems
-Frequency synthesizer ICs
-Global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
-GSM modules
-Low power, wide area (LPWA)
-Single-chip RF receivers/transmitters
-Wireless transceiver modules
News from Conical Technologies:
5 kW switching PSU range
30 April 2024, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

Mornsun has released a new switching power supply range, the LMF5000-25Bxx, which has a 5000 W capacity, and features universal AC input configurations.

AC-DC brick PSU
30 April 2024, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

These PSUs have a typical efficiency of up to 92%, and a power factor value of up to 0,99. They are available in 12, 24, 28, 48 and 54 V output versions.

Parallel redundancy power module
28 March 2024, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

The LIR40-40 is a wide input range DC-DC module, with a constant output of 48 V at a nominal output current of up to 40 A.

Multi-channel electronic load series
29 February 2024, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

ITECH has recently announced the release of their upgraded IT8700P+ series multi-channel electronic loads. This new series supports master-slave parallel configuration between all the modules, allowing for different modules to be mixed and matched for synchronisation.

PV DC-DC converter
29 February 2024, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

This new series from Mornsun is designed for renewable energy applications, and boasts an ultra-wide and ultra-high 300 to 1500 V DC.

DC/DC converters with ultra-wide input range
22 November 2023, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

The THN 15UIR and THN 20UIR series from Traco are high-performance DC/DC converters with an ultra-wide 12:1 input voltage range and a power output of 15 and 20 W respectively.

High-voltage PSUs for optic applications
22 November 2023, Power Electronics / Power Management, Conical Technologies

For all applications in electronic optics, it is crucial to have a reliable power supply or capacitor charger, with high precision, stability, and efficiency.

Advanced graphite embedding capability for PCB thermal management
25 October 2023, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Editor's Choice, Conical Technologies

Teledyne Labtech has announced a major new capability, allowing the embedding of layers of synthetic graphite within RF and microwave PCBs. This provides weight savings for applications where size, weight, and power (SWaP) are key.

Graphical source measure unit
25 October 2023, Test & Measurement, Conical Technologies

The IT2800 Series from ITECH are compact and cost-effective bench-top source measure units with the capability to source and measure both voltage and current.

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