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PHD Power

3 Sharland Street, Driehoek, Germiston

+27 11 872 2266
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tel: +27 79 602 3993
fax: +27 86 694 0544
News from PHD Power:
Phase control thyristors
10 June 2015, Power Electronics / Power Management, PHD Power

IXYS introduced a new 3,6 kV pressure contact phase control thyristor with increased power density. The improved design offers up to 52% increase in average current rating over the established designs ...

Anode gated thyristor
27 August 2014, Power Electronics / Power Management, PHD Power

The CLB30I1200HB – the first product derived from Ixys’ ComPack technology platform – is a 30 A/1200 V single thyristor in a TO-247 discrete package. Its standout feature is the gate control, as it ...

Thyristors for pulsed power systems
16 July 2014, Power Electronics / Power Management, PHD Power

IXYS has unveiled a new range of 1500 V MOS-gated thyristors housed in its proprietary surface mount power device (SMPD) and high-voltage TO-247 packages.    Capable of carrying current up to 32 kA ...

Precision laser diode driver
2 April 2014, Opto-Electronics, PHD Power

Ixys announced the introduction of the PCX-7401 precision laser diode driver and current source, providing precision pulsed current with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control. The instrument ...

WiFi module
28 September 2011, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, PHD Power

Zilog’s new Z16WiFiMiniZ28 is a standalone 802.11 b/g TCP/IP wireless networking module that ships in a 28-pin dual inline package. It integrates Zilog’s ZNEO microcontroller and a Roving Networks 2,4 ...

Intrusion detection solution
14 September 2011, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, PHD Power

Zilog has introduced a new intrusion motion sensing platform based on its ZMOTION microcontrollers which incorporate integrated motion detection algorithms with advanced features specifically designed ...

Laser diode driver
31 August 2011, Power Electronics / Power Management, PHD Power

The new PCM-7510 module from IXYS is an air-cooled, high power pulsed-current source designed to drive diode lasers, bars and arrays. The touch screen driven system delivers adjustable current pulses ...

30 A gate drivers
17 August 2011, Power Electronics / Power Management, PHD Power

IXYS and Clare, a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS, have developed a new low-side gate driver family. The IXD_630 output can source and sink a peak of 30 A, making it well suited to drive the largest IXYS ...

IGBTs in new power packages
10 November 2010, Power Electronics / Power Management, PHD Power

IXYS has successfully integrated its GenX3 IGBT product line with its new proprietary power package called the ‘SMPD’ (prefix MM). The MMIX1G320N60B3 combines the low conduction and switching loss attributes ...

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