Electronics Buyers' Guide (EBG) - Directory of the South African Electronics Industry
Product/service categories

AC power/source analyser

Battery testers/analysers

Board testers

Burst generator

Bus analysers

Cable/harness testers

Clamp meters

Cleaning requisites

Coil/winding testers

Combo DSO + spec.an. + logger+signal generator

Component testers (RLCDQ)

CRT rejuvenators

Current clamps

Dielectric withstand testers

Disk drive testgear

Earthing testers

EMC testers

Fluxgate magnetometers

Functional testers

High potential testers

Humidity/temperature meters

IC testers (in/out of circuit)

Insulation testers (M ohm-meters)

Lightning arrester testers

Logic comparators

Logic probes/pulsers

Logic signature analysers

Memory chip/board testers



Oscilloscope & DMM combinations

Oscilloscopes, service

Partial discharge detectors

PCB schematic synthesisers

Phase rotation testers



Power factor meters

Power oscillators (inc polyphase)

Power supply monitors/analysers

Pulse/pattern generators

Radiation monitors/detectors

Recorders, waveform

Schematics of unknown boards

Servo/synchro testers

Signal tracers


Synchro/resolver simulators


Test leads

Test probes

Transistor, thyristor, diode testers

Vibration monitors

Video test equipment

Waveform recorders

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