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Electronics & communications technology news:
How MEMS chips are revolutionising industrial vibration monitoring – Part I
25 February 2015, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Their small size, low power, ease of integration, high level of functionality and superb performance encourage and enable innovation in gadgets such as smartphones, gaming controllers, activity trackers ...

Electronics news digest
25 February 2015, Electronic News Digest

South Africa Altium has appointed EDA Technologies as the sole reseller for its printed circuit board (PCB) design software, Altium Designer, in South Africa. EDA Technologies, which has been supplying ...

Alliance supplying end-of-life Micron memory
25 February 2015, News, DSP, Micros & Memory, Brabek

Alliance Memory has partnered with Micron Semiconductor to supply and extend availability of support for three 512 Mb synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) devices that Micron has discontinued. Alliance will be ...

MCUs aid household appliance compliance
4 February 2015, DSP, Micros & Memory, Infineon Technologies

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has introduced the IEC60730 safety standard for household appliances. For microcontroller systems, the IEC60730 Annex H defines the details of tests ...

Deciding factors for conformal coating selection
25 February 2015, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Vepac Electronics

Conformal coatings are protective lacquers used within the electronics industry to protect printed circuit boards (PCB) and eliminate failures caused by exposure to a variety of environmental conditions. ...

Four reasons for X-ray inspection of surface mount devices
25 February 2015, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services, Quamba Technologies

Vision inspection systems can find visible defects on PCBs, but these systems can only check the surface for errors, not the hidden solder joints of components like BGAs and flip chips. X-ray inspection ...

New technology brings plasma generation challenges down to size
25 February 2015, Electronics Technology, Passive Components, Electrocomp

Interest in cold plasma technology is growing across a wide range of industries, owing to the fact that it enables the surface properties of materials to be manipulated in a multitude of ways without ...

Servo cable carries power and signals
25 February 2015, Interconnection, Helukabel SA

Helukabel has developed a hybrid cable that simplifies the operation and movement of drives by allowing both power and data to be transmitted via a single cable. The polyurethane-jacketed Topserv Hybrid ...

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