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Electronics & communications technology news:
Another material shows potential as successor to silicon
8 October 2014, News

These 2D semiconductors feature the same hexagonal ‘honeycombed’ structure as graphene and superfast electrical conductance, but, unlike graphene, they have natural energy band-gaps.

Preventing LED failures caused by corrosive materials
8 October 2014, Circuit & System Protection, OSRAM Opto Semiconductor SA

Nowadays LED components are used in a wide variety of application areas and are therefore exposed to a barrage of influences and environmental conditions. In the automotive industry, for example, LEDs ...

Infrared receivers
8 October 2014, Opto-Electronics, TRX Electronics

Vishay has broadened its optoelectronics portfolio with the release of two new miniaturised infrared (IR) receivers designed specifically for low-speed data transmission. The TSDP34138/56 and TSDP34338/56 ...

LED for optical fibre comms
8 October 2014, Opto-Electronics, Hamamatsu Photonics UK

Hamamatsu Photonics introduced a new 870 nm LED – the L11368 – featuring a special microball lens that is bonded to the LED chip surface, with an additional mini-lens within the can package to make a ...

High-speed camera
8 October 2014, Opto-Electronics

Vision Research announced the Phantom v2010, the newest addition to its 1 megapixel digital, ultra-high-speed camera line. With the ability to capture more than 22 000 frames per second (fps) at full ...

Triple-output LED driver controller
8 October 2014, Power Electronics / Power Management, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Linear Technology recently rolled out the LT3797, a triple-output DC/DC controller designed to drive three independent channels of LEDs. Its fixed-frequency, current-mode architecture delivers constant, ...

Optical spectrum analyser
8 October 2014, Test & Measurement, Protea Electronics-Comms & Measurement Div

The new AQ6370D benchtop optical spectrum analyser, the successor to Yokogawa’s best-selling AQ6370C, incorporates a number of new functions designed to enhance its accuracy and analysis capabilities ...

X-band high-power amplifier
8 October 2014, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Accutronics

M/A-COM Technology Solutions introduced a new high-power MMIC amplifier ideal for X-Band communication and radar applications. The MAAP-015036, a two-stage device operating from 8,5 to 10,5 GHz, has a ...

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