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Connector Technology

10 Electron Street, Linbro Business Park, Sandton

+27 11 608 1375
+27 11 608 2135


tel: +27 31 709 3511
fax: +27 31 709 3512
Cape Town

tel: +27 21 788 5282
fax: +27 21 788 5289
News from Connector Technology:
Company profile: Connector Technology
31 January 2018, News, Connector Technology

Stretching back to 1992, Connector Technology has been providing customised connector, cabling and harnessing solutions for the South African electronics manufacturing industry. Today the company has ...

Electronics & communications technology news:
New scan capabilities for EMI receiver
30 April 2019, Test & Measurement, Concilium Technologies

Keysight Technologies has added time domain scan (TDS) and real-time scan (RTS) capabilities to the N9048B PXE electromagnetic interference (EMI) receiver, enabling real-time measurements and diagnostics ...

Optical spectrum analyser
30 April 2019, Test & Measurement, Coral-i Solutions

Anritsu announced the sales launch of the new MS9740B spectrum analyser which has been developed for evaluating the output characteristics of optical active devices used by optical communications systems. ...

Miniaturised CO2 sensor
30 April 2019, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Electrocomp

Thanks to new energy standards and better insulation, buildings have become increasingly energy efficient, but at the cost of accelerated deterioration in air quality. Since high CO2 levels compromise ...

MCUs with water-tolerant touch integration
30 April 2019, DSP, Micros & Memory, EBV Electrolink

The 5 V KE1xZ family of microcontrollers (MCU), made by NXP Semiconductor and based on the Arm Cortex M0+, enables embedded control systems in harsh electrical environments, with an integrated CAN controller, ...

BAW-based chips for comms infrastructure
30 April 2019, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI, Avnet South Africa

Texas Instruments débuted new bulk acoustic wave (BAW)-based embedded processing and analog chips for the next generation of connectivity and communications infrastructure. Communications and industrial ...

Stacked patch antenna for GNSS
30 April 2019, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Electrocomp

Molex’s high-accuracy stacked patch GNSS (global navigation satellite system) antenna features a 50 Ω impedance rating, 2 W RF power rating, and below -10 dB return loss. It offers optimised signal processing ...

Rugged AC filter capacitors
30 April 2019, Passive Components, Electrocomp

TDK has introduced a new series of AC filter capacitors that are UL 810 approved at the component level and carry the CE mark. The capacitors of the B32354S3* series are designed for a rated voltage of ...

AC-DC linear regulator
30 April 2019, Power Electronics / Power Management, Avnet South Africa

Texas Instruments expanded its portfolio of linear regulators by introducing the TPS7A78, which uses a unique switched-capacitor architecture to eliminate discrete components, including external inductors ...

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